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  • Inside Scientific Information?

    Here’s a question that came up in the comments the other day, after I wrote about the recent publication suggesting possible immune-response problems with… Read More
  • ‘Tis Unfortunately the Season

    Update: this post came just a few days before Teva announced that they’re starting a 14,000-job cutback, to run over the next two years. The season indeed… Read More
  • Merck In London – A Hub, or Not?

    News comes today that Merck is going to put in a new research site in London. I’m not sure if anyone saw that coming – their previous UK research si… Read More
  • More Movements at the Top of GSK

    GlaxoSmithKline has been having more than its share of ups and downs over the last few years. In 2014, they moved a lot of assets out of oncology, as part of a… Read More
  • The Drug Project Landscape

    Here’s a new paper in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery that’s going to the trouble of matching specific disease indications with specific mechanisms in… Read More
  • The Latest on China

    China’s impact on biopharma has been a perennial story in the press (and on this blog). The big picture has been the interplay between the “China a… Read More
  • Mongersen Fails

    Readers may recall a post here last year about an odd trial of an antisense drug for Crohn’s disease. Celgene had acquired the drug (mongersen, GED-301)… Read More
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