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  • Aileron and p53

    In the long-running saga of getting a stapled peptide to work as a drug, Aileron Therapeutics was last heard from raising money for their p53 candidate. Now com… Read More
  • PD-1 Charted

    Via AndyBiotech on Twitter, here’s a chart from the ongoing AACR meeting on what sorts of tumors are responding best to the PD-1 antibodies that are creat… Read More
  • Stopped For Efficacy – Again

    Well, just weeks after Merck halted a trial of their anti PD-1 antibody Keytruda (pembrolizumab) due to efficacy, Bristol-Myers Squibb has announced that a tria… Read More
  • China’s First Homegrown Pharma

    The Wall Street Journal had an article on a new HDAC inhibitor from Shenzhen Chipscreen (full text here from The Australian). It’s worth highlighting. Epi… Read More
  • Twenty-One Billion Dollars. Really.

    Ibrutinib seems to be worth even more than everyone thought! As of this morning, AbbVie has won what was apparently a lively bidding war for Pharmacyclics, payi… Read More
  • Of Proteasome Inhibitors and PAINs

    Amgen is out with some new data that might well justify their purchase of Onyx a year and a half ago. A big driver for that deal was the proteasome inhibitor Ky… Read More
  • Ibrutinib’s Rise

    Pharmacyclics and their reactive kinase inhibitor Imbruvica (ibrutinib) have come up a few times around here in the past. (And someone who was involved in its e… Read More
  • Experience Phase III Failure, Twice

    I’m going to use a short phrase that should make everyone who’s ever been involved with clinical research shiver a little bit: post-hoc subgroup ana… Read More
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