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  • Biological News

    Super-Enhancers in Cell Biology: ENCODE’s Revenge?

    I’ve linked to some very skeptical takes on the ENCODE project, the effort that supposedly identified 80% of our DNA sequence as functional to some degree. I should present some evidence for the other side, though, as it comes up, and some may have come up. Two recent papers in Cell tell the story. The… Read More
  • Cancer

    Stealing A Compound, To Set Up in China

    Here’s a strange case worth keeping an eye on. Via Deborah Blum‘s Twitter feed we have this report of a researcher in Wisconsin being charged with economic espionage – specifically, investigational oncology. Huajun Zhao, 42, faces a single count of economic espionage, according to a federal criminal complaint, an offense punishabl… Read More
  • Cancer

    Novartis Loses the Glivec Patent Fight in India

    This story is all over the news today, but it’s my impression that most of the stories leave out crucial details. This is not just a big multinational drug company being put in its place by Indian courts, nor is it some crazy ruling with no basis in fact. Here’s the story, as best I… Read More
  • Cancer

    A Therapy Named After You?

    Back last fall I wrote about Prof. Magnus Essand and his oncoloytic virus research. He’s gotten a good amount of press coverage, and has been trying all sorts of approaches to get further work funded. But here’s one that I hadn’t thought of: Essand and his co-workers are willing to name the therapy after anyone… Read More
  • Cancer

    James Watson Likes Us, Anyway

    Around us we see changes in everything, but there are some constants that we can count on. James Watson, for example, is still James Watson: While noting that genetics is vital, Watson said, “You could sequence 150,000 people with cancer and its not going to cure anyone. It might give you a few leads, but… Read More
  • Biological News

    Good News in Oncology: More Immune Therapy for Leukemia

    I’ve written a couple of times about the work at the University of Pennsylvania on modified T-cell therapy for leukemia (CLL). Now comes word that a different version of this approach seems to be working at Sloan-Kettering. Recurrent B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL) has been targeted there, and it’s generally a more aggressiv… Read More
  • Cancer

    Good News in Oncology: Oncolytic Virus Therapy

    The last few days have brought some good news on some unusual approaches to cancer therapy. First off was Amgen’s report that they’d seen positive results in advanced melanoma using a modified HSV treatment. This is technology that they brought in by buying Biovex in 2011, and as a minor side effect, if it works… Read More
  • Cancer

    ABT-199 Clinical Trial Suspended (Updated)

    Abbott – whoops, pardon me, I mean AbbVie, damn that name – has been developing ABT-199, a selective Bcl-2-targeted oncology compound for CLL. Unlike some earlier shots in this area (ABT-263, navitoclax), it appeared to spare platelet function, and was considered a promising drug candidate in the mid-stage clinical pipeline. Not any mor… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Time to Refill Your Prescription For Zxygjfb

    The brand names of drugs are famously odd. But they seem to be getting odder. That’s the conclusion of a longtime reader, who sent this along: I was recently perusing through the recent drug approval list and was struck by how strange the trade names have become. Perhaps it is a request from the FDA so… Read More
  • Cancer

    More on Metformin and Cancer (and Alzheimer’s)

    Metformin: what a weird compound it is. Very small, very polar, the sort of thing you’d probably cross off your list of screening hits. But it’s been taken by untold millions of diabetics (and made untold billions of dollars in the process), because it really does reduce glucose levels. It does so though mechanisms that… Read More