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    CNN’s Cure for Cancer

    I’ve been meaning to write something about the M.D. Anderson announcement of “Moon Shot” programs for cancer therapies. Mostly something about how I’m very glad that they’re spending a lot of time and money on this, because there are a lot of good people there, but also about how I truly hate the “Moon Shot”… Read More
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    Geron, And The Risk of Cancer Therapies

    Geron’s telomerase inhibitor compound, imetalstat, showed a lot of interesting results in vitro, and has been in Phase II trials all this year. Until now. The company announced this morning that the interim results of their breast-cancer trial are so unpromising that it’s been halted, and that lung cancer data aren’t looking good… Read More
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    Making Tumor Cells More Vigorous Through. . .Chemotherapy?

    Here’s some food for thought: in some cases, chemotherapy may actually accelerate the growth of tumor cells. This study has found that noncancerous cells (which are also affected, to various degrees, by most chemotherapy agents) can secrete Wnt16B in response to treatment, and that this protein is taken up by nearby tumor cells. And that̵… Read More
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    Getting Drug Research Really, Really Wrong

    The British Medical Journal says that the “widely touted innovation crisis in pharmaceuticals is a myth”. The British Medical Journal is wrong. There, that’s about as direct as I can make it. But allow me to go into more detail, because that’s not the the only thing they’re wrong about. This is a new article… Read More
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    Does Aveo’s Tivozanib Work, or Not?

    What makes a cancer drug effective? What if it stops cancer from spreading when you give it to patients – is that effective, or not? This topic has come up around here before, but there may be a rather stark example of it unfolding with Aveo Pharmaceuticals and their drug tivozanib. Earlier this year, the… Read More
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    Novartis Bankrolls T-Cell Cancer Therapies

    You may well recall the startling results of a modified T-cell therapy against leukemia that were reported one year ago. I’m happy to report that Novartis is investing in this technology and putting their own considerable amount of development expertise into making it work on a larger scale: “I never thought this would happen, that… Read More
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    Finding Fast Fruit Fly Feasibility

    I’m an unabashed fan of phenotypic screening. (For those outside the field, that means screening for compounds by looking for their effects on living systems, rather than starting with a molecular target and working your way up). Done right, I don’t think that there’s a better platform for breakthrough drug discovery, mainly becau… Read More
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    Cancer Drugs: Value for the Money?

    And while we’re talking oncology, here’s a piece from Luke Timmerman at Xconomy that brings up a lot of tough questions. We’ve talked about some of these before around here, but everyone who works in oncology drug discovery is going to hear them again: How much should a new cancer therapy cost? Who’s going to… Read More
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    Bert Vogelstein on Cancer Drugs and Cancer Screening

    Here’s an interesting profile of Bert Vogelstein, who has had a major impact on oncology over the years, especially in the area of cancer-associated genetic mutations. Some of his recent work bears on the question of how useful some of the newer drugs are: Vogelstein seems to enjoy pricking balloons. Recently, he has focused on… Read More
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    Antipsychotic Drugs Against Cancer?

    One of the hazards of medicinal chemistry – or should I say, one of the hazards of long experience in medicinal chemistry – is that you start to think that you know more than you do. Specifically, after a few years and a few projects, you’ve seen plenty of different compounds and their activities (or… Read More