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  • GSK Layoffs: Yes, Again

    The ax is falling again at GlaxoSmithKline. This time it’s the oncology group. Last month the cardiovascular people got this same treatment, you’ll recall,… Read More
  • Auroral Activity

    If you go to the med-chem or pharmacology literature databases and type “Aurora kinase”, you’d better stand back. A geyser of publications wil… Read More
  • Whose Guess Is Better?

    I was having a discussion the other day about which therapeutic areas have the best predictive assays. That is, what diseases can you be reasonably sure of trea… Read More
  • Judah Folkman

    So Judah Folkman is no longer with us. He’s considered to be the father of the idea that many tumors help to make their own blood supply, through angiogen… Read More
  • Plants For Cancer?

    A reader sends along this article from the New York Times about Chris Kilham, an ethnobiotanist from U. Mass – Amherst looking for medicinally active plan… Read More
  • Arsenic, Patents, and the World

    As I was mentioning the other day, the latest issue of Nature Medicine has the details on a story that doesn’t, on the face of it, do the industry any credit. Read More
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