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  • Plants For Cancer?

    A reader sends along this article from the New York Times about Chris Kilham, an ethnobiotanist from U. Mass – Amherst looking for medicinally active plan… Read More
  • Arsenic, Patents, and the World

    As I was mentioning the other day, the latest issue of Nature Medicine has the details on a story that doesn’t, on the face of it, do the industry any credit. Read More
  • Phase Zero?

    We have a new phrase to toss around in in the industry: “Phase Zero”. That’s what they’re calling a recent trial of an anticancer drug f… Read More
  • Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom

    If you want to see a bunch of press releases from biotech companies that you’ve never, ever heard of in your life, just go over to Google News and type in… Read More
  • Vaccines Everywhere

    You know, small-molecule folks like me are going to have to learn to deal with immunology. I don’t mind saying that it’s not my field – yet &# Read More
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