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    Still Not All That Easy

    Speaking of cancer trials, I mentioned the other day how they tend to be smaller than those for many other diseases. But that doesn’t mean that they’re always easy to run, as a search for “clinical trial design oncology” will show. Note the number of people offering to help you out, via seminars, consulting visits… Read More
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    Springtime for Oncology

    Get ready for the clinical trial season for anticancer therapies. The American Society for Clinical Oncology meeting is in May, and everyone who’s going to present new trial data is starting to work on their PowerPoint slides. ASCO (famously) embargos the presentations themselves, but the run-up to the meeting is out there in plain sight. Read More
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    What We Are Pleased to Call State of the Art

    So what are these cancer animal models that I was speaking of so poorly? On the face of it, they actually seem like they’d be pretty good, other than being rather disgusting. (That said, it’s important to keep in mind that they’re not as disgusting as watching people die from cancer when you could be… Read More
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    Black Friday: One Damn Thing After Another

    And while we’re on the subject, here’s the latest example of bad news coming in great squawking flocks: AstraZeneca’s Crestor is under suspicion, their new Exanta clotting drug is in major trouble, and now some terribly unimpressive clinical data comes out for Iressa in its ISEL trial. Note that Tarceva, which I was blogging about… Read More
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    The Coming Oncology

    I’ve had a number of comments on my post below about the changing cancer market, and they deserve some follow-up. One very good point that was made is that this change is really a race between several factors: the narrowing of individual markets as we find out the reasons for efficacy could be balanced out… Read More
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    Check, Please

    Here’s a post from back in the spring which goes into why I think that the cancer drug market is in the process of changing. As we figure out which patients will respond to which drug – which will happen, albeit slowly – the standard industry assumptions about market size will have to be rethought. Read More
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    Tarceva Targets

    From Forbes, I find that CSFB has lowered its target price for OSI Pharmaceuticals, co-owner (with Genentech) of the new cancer therapy Tarceva. This is a HER1/HER2 compound (more the former than the latter), which makes it rather similar to AstraZeneca’s Iressa. Tarceva has lived in Iressa’s shadow throughout its development, and OSI&# Read More
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    Clay Lies Still, But Blood’s A Rover

    When a drug makes it into the bloodstream (which is no sure thing, on my side of the business), it doesn’t just float around by itself. Blood itself is full of all kinds of stuff, and there are many things in it that can interact with drug molecules. For one thing, compounds can actually wander… Read More
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    Costs and Benefits, Risks and Rewards

    Continuing on the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine and its articles on cancer therapies, there’s the Perspective article, from Deborah Schrag at Sloan-Kettering, which points out that: “In the wake of the optimism generated by recent trial results, patients experience sticker shock when they encounter the prices of ch… Read More
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    Another Shot Across the Bow

    Since I last wrote about Imclone, the stock has had a rather difficult time. That’s largely the fault of the Imclone fan club: Erbitux sales have exceeded some of the responsible projections, but still haven’t caught up with the fantasies of some of the stockholders. And now comes a study in the New England Journal… Read More