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  • Not Even Funny

    I’m late to this particular party – see Charles Murtaugh and Medpundit for the low-down on a particularly irritating LA Times column. (It requires r… Read More
  • Genetic Optimism

    he genetic news of the day, subject of good-sized headlines in the Wall St. Journal and elsewhere, is an upcoming paper in PNAS on a candidate cancer gene calle… Read More
  • Consequences of Aneuploidy

    Man, with headlines like that, I can’t think of why I’m not pulling in thousands of hits a day. Anyway, I wanted to follow up on yesterday’s p… Read More
  • HER-1 And HER-2, Too

    AstraZeneca’s revelation yesterday was quite disturbing. Their experimental cancer therapy (Iressa) doesn’t seem to offer any added benefits when gi… Read More
  • Save Your Tears

    Having unloaded on the Weekly Standardlast week, I now find myself taking aim at the Wall Street Journal. Pretty soon, I’m going to be in the pundit equiv… Read More
  • A Few Words

    I see that some of my comments have spread to investors in Entremed, so let me take a few paragraphs to mention some points. I should write these up in a combin… Read More
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