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  • HER-1 And HER-2, Too

    AstraZeneca’s revelation yesterday was quite disturbing. Their experimental cancer therapy (Iressa) doesn’t seem to offer any added benefits when gi… Read More
  • Save Your Tears

    Having unloaded on the Weekly Standardlast week, I now find myself taking aim at the Wall Street Journal. Pretty soon, I’m going to be in the pundit equiv… Read More
  • A Few Words

    I see that some of my comments have spread to investors in Entremed, so let me take a few paragraphs to mention some points. I should write these up in a combin… Read More
  • Hype and Glory

    Over at the new home of Kausfiles, Mickey Kaus wondered on Monday about all the news coming out of the ASCO (American Society for Clinical Oncology) meeting. Do… Read More
  • More Imclone, More Food for Thought

    As you’ve no doubt heard, Imclone issued a press release this morning about their FDA meeting. It seems that if they can come up with more clinical data f… Read More
  • A Certain Tension in the Air

    Well, today is Imclone day at the FDA (see Jan 31 and Feb. 6 postings.) All parties will be meeting to decide what the path forward is: reworking the existing d… Read More
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