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  • CAR-T Deaths Cannot Be Good

    Late yesterday afternoon, Matthew Herper broke the news that Juno Therapeutics had had their CAR-T leukemia trial put on hold after three patient deaths. That&# Read More
  • Can’t Shake Failure Yet

    From the new Endpoints site, here’s a roundup of the worst moments in the clinic for drug development in the first half of 2016. Several of them were cove… Read More
  • PARP Inhibitors Come Through

    PARP (poly ADP-ribose polymerase) inhibitors have had a rough time of it in the clinic. Sanofi had one (iniparib) fail, but it later turned out, embarrassingly… Read More
  • The Immuno-oncology Traffic Jam

    Bruce Booth has a valuable look at the immuno-oncology field here. Everyone knows that it’s a hot area, but the numbers show that it’s even (better… Read More
  • Infinity’s Difficult History

    Infinity Pharmaceuticals today announced that it’s shutting down R&D operations. This comes after disappointing clinical results for a PI3K inhibitor… Read More
  • Ever Finer Splitting

    Charles Darwin once divided scientists into two types: “splitters” and “lumpers”. The splitters are the ones who keep finding finer dist… Read More
  • Glyphosate And Cancer

    Glyphosate (often known by its original brand name, Roundup) is the most widely used agricultural chemical in the world. What, if anything, is it doing to peopl… Read More
  • Stemcentrx Scooped Up

    I think that this deal is going to end up looking either very smart or very stupid. AbbVie is paying almost ten billion dollars to acquire Stemcentrx, the start… Read More
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