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  • Niacin, No Longer Red-Faced?

    One of Merck’s less wonderful recent experiences was the rejection of Cordaptive, which was an attempt to make a niacin combination for the cardiovascular mar… Read More
  • The Polypill Rides Again

    There are a lot of recommended mediations for people at cardiovascular risk. ACE inhibitors and diuretics for blood pressure, a bit of aspirin for anti-thrombot… Read More
  • Takeda Gets A Surprise

    DPP-IV is short for “dipeptidylpeptidase IV”, understandably, and we need a good abbreviation for it. It’s an important enzyme target for diabetes therapy… Read More
  • Crestor: Would It Save Any Lives?

    Should millions more people be taking Crestor? That’s a real balancing act. You have a decrease in heart attacks, but from a fairly small incidence rate. So a… Read More
  • Crestor: Risks Up, Risks Down

    AstraZeneca took a pretty big risk in running a trial as big as the JUPITER one, but it seems to have paid off for them. As everyone has been reading, it appear… Read More
  • Prasugrel Today?

    I wrote back in the summer about the FDA’s delayed decision on Lilly’s potential anticoagulant blockbuster Effient (prasugrel). Well, those three mo… Read More
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