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  • Pravachol vs. Lipitor Update

    In my March 11 piece below, I mentioned the possibility of Pravachol competing on price with Lipitor. But over at Forbes, Matthew Herper has pointed out that it… Read More
  • Ignorance Was Bliss

    Just a brief note today about the “PROVE-IT” study that Bristol-Meyers Squibb ran and has now reported on. This was their big shot at Pfizer’s… Read More
  • Ezetimibe, The Press, and More

    Credit where it’s due! Yesterday I mentioned the original chemist who started the ezetimibe story, but I should note that the drug itself was synthesized… Read More
  • Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

    So Entremed is finally giving up on its celebrated peptide drug candidates, angiostatin and endostatin. I’m sorry to see what the company, and its employe… Read More
  • Trials of Trials

    As I mentioned yesterday, I think the kind of study that compared diuretics with other hypertension medicines was a very good thing. So why don’t we see m… Read More
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