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  • Simple, Right?

    So, name a class of prescription drugs that lots of people have been taking daily over a period of decades: how about statins? From a distance, the story is com… Read More
  • The Long Saga of Apo-A1 Milano

    It’s been six years since I titled a post “Remember Apo-A1 Milano?” If you go back even further, I wrote about the topic on this blog back in… Read More
  • Once More Into the CETP, Friends

    So folks, let’s raise a bunch of money and pile back into CETP! You know, that great cardiovascular target that has been an absolute vale of tears for eve… Read More
  • Up to Speed on Meldonium

    I will freely admit that I had never heard of meldonium (aka mildronate) until yesterday, when it made headlines across the sports pages (and cost Maria Sharap… Read More
  • Onward With CETP!

    Merck is damning the torpedoes and going ahead with its CETP program. A committee has reviewed the data so far for futility, and recommended no changes, so (as… Read More
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