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  • A Low-Cholesterol Vaccination?

    We have dueling PCSK9 antibodies on the market – Praluent (alirocumab) and Repatha (evolocumab) – and they’re both out there lowering LDL leve… Read More
  • Prions In the News (Unfortunately)

    Let’s talk about proteins for a few minutes – nasty, unfriendly proteins, of the sort that will ball up and crash out of solution the first chance t… Read More
  • PCSK9 In the Details

    The PCSK9 inhibitors are a class of drugs from which great things are expected. The first ones hitting the market are antibodies, and blocking this enzyme, whic… Read More
  • PCSK9 at the FDA

    So an FDA advisory committee met yesterday to consider the PCSK9 antibody from Regeneron and Sanofi, and today it’s the turn of Amgen’s candidate. T… Read More
  • Defibrillating Dalcetrapib

    In 2012, Roche halted development of their CETP inhibitor dalcetrapib, part of what (so far) has been a grim chapter in cardiovascular drug development. At the… Read More
  • How Not to Handle Your Clinical Data

    We turn now to Orexigen, one of the small companies trying to make headway in the obesity market. Earlier this year, a patent application from them published, c… Read More
  • Amgen Claims It All

    There’s plenty of excitement about PCSK9, the latest LDL-lowering pathway to make it deep into the clinic. You can tell that companies (and investors) hav… Read More
  • Vytorin Actually Works

    The data from the IMPROVE-IT trial on cardiovascular outcomes for Vytorin have been released. And the combination met the primary endpoint: fewer heart attacks… Read More
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