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  • Halogen Bonds

    Here’s a recent paper in J. Med. Chem. on halogen bonding in medicinal chemistry. I find the topic interesting, because it’s an effect that certainl… Read More
  • Stapled Peptides Take a Torpedo

    I wrote here about “stapled peptides”, which are small modified helical proteins. They’ve had their helices stabilized by good ol’ organ… Read More
  • Picosecond Protein Watching

    We’re getting closer to real-time X-ray structures of protein function, and I think I speak for a lot of chemists and biologists when I say that this has… Read More
  • JQ1: Giving Up a Fortune?

    The Atlantic is out with a list of “Brave Thinkers”, and one of them is Jay Bradner at Harvard Medical School. He’s on there for JQ1, a small- Read More
  • Zafgen’s Epoxide Adventure

    Zafgen is a startup in the Boston area that’s working on a novel weight-loss drug called beloranib. Their initial idea was that they were inhibiting angio… Read More
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