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  • Methionine Is Now Your Friend

    I’ve been meaning to mention this new paper, from a mixed Berkeley/UCSF team, which could open up a new area for chemical biology. If you want to label a… Read More
  • More Spring-Loaded Reagents

    I wrote just about this time last year about a new “strain-release” bond forming reaction system from the Baran group at Scripps. Now they’ve… Read More
  • Curcumin Will Waste Your Time

    I really enjoyed reading this article in J. Med. Chem. on curcumin. (Update: here’s the take over at Practical Fragments). That’s a well-known natur… Read More
  • Nailing Down Small Proteins

    I found this to be a remarkable paper. Making synthetic peptides into drugs has been something that people have been trying for decades now, but it’s a re… Read More
  • New Metalloenzymes Made to Order

    Here’s an interesting paper that combines two fields that normally don’t intersection much: protein evolution and organometallic catalysis. That V… Read More
  • Chemical Probes: This Year’s Model

    I wanted to mention that the Chemical Probes portal (mentioned here last summer) has been re-launched with more features, more information (and more funding!)… Read More
  • Chemical Evolution Makes a Deal

    Sanofi has signed a deal with a Stanford-born startup called DiCE Molecules, looking for small-molecule inhibitors of protein-protein interactions. So who are t… Read More
  • So What Exactly is SCR7?

    Those of you who are into CRISPR will likely have heard for SCR7. It’s a compound added to the system that seems to enhance its efficiency and specificity… Read More
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