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  • Couple Your Primary Amines

    Here’s another neat carbon-carbon bond forming reaction (and no, we organic chemists just cannot get enough of these things). It’s from Mary Watson… Read More
  • The Chan-Lam Reaction, Tamed At Last

    Many synthetic organic chemists will be familiar with the Chan-Lam reaction, where an organoboronic acid or ester is reacted with an amine in the presence of a… Read More
  • Macrocycles For the Making

    I meant to write about this paper at the time, but there’s no harm in highlighting it now. A group at the University of Toronto reports a neat way to make… Read More
  • New Looks At Two Classic Reactions

    It’s hard to imagine a functional group that’s been more heavily studied than amides. They are, of course, the literal backbone of protein chemistry… Read More
  • George Olah, 1927-2017

    George Olah, 1994 Nobelist in chemistry, has passed away. Yet another of the extremely distinguished list of Hungarian-born scientists of the 20th century, Olah… Read More
  • Modifying Natural Products, And How

    The field of late-stage modification of complex structures has seen several advances in the last few years, and this is just the sort of thing that medicinal ch… Read More
  • Triangulene, By Force

    The molecule on the right is triangulene, and it’s an odd one. You’d think at first that you could fill everything in with alternating double bonds… Read More
  • How Not to Do It: TATP

    You may well have heard about an incident at the University of Bristol, where a student inadvertently prepared some triacetone triperoxide (TATP). That’s… Read More
  • Phil Baran Takes on the Crowd

    This should be interesting – Phil Baran of Scripps will be going on Reddit at 2 PM EST (update: looks like he’s already at it) to do one of their &# Read More
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