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  • Alarmingly Functional Disorder

    Let’s think for a bit about how proteins bind to each other. After all, messing around with that is what keeps everyone in the drug industry employed, and… Read More
  • Graphene Continues to Surprise

    I wanted to mention something on the border between chemistry and physics that might well turn out to be important. Graphene (single-layer graphite, a two-dimen… Read More
  • Crystals Via Lasers

    Crystallization is voodoo. I have not changed my opinion one bit since this 2015 post – if anything, I’m more convinced than ever. We chemists tend… Read More
  • Retrosynthesis: Here It Comes

    Behold the rise of the machines. It’s been going on for a while, but there are landmarks along the way, and we may have just passed another one with the p… Read More
  • Way Down There in the Pores

    Let’s get physical-organic. A big topic of research in recent years has been the properties of liquids and solids under boundary conditions. By that sweep… Read More
  • PAINs by X-Ray

    It’s safe to say that the concept of “pan-assay interference compounds” evokes some strong feelings in medicinal chemists. And those feelings… Read More
  • Tickling Individual Bonds

    When you get down to it, most of the ways that we chemists have to make our reactions work are not very elegant. We can change solvents, mess with ligands, drip… Read More
  • Automated Chemistry: A Vision

    I enjoyed this article at Chemistry World, but fair warning: you may not. I say that based on the response when I’ve written about its subject here befor… Read More
  • Down At the Small Surfaces

    Mechanochemistry – getting chemical reactions to occur by pressing, pulling, and grinding solid substances – continues to produce weird and interest… Read More
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