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  • So What Exactly is SCR7?

    Those of you who are into CRISPR will likely have heard for SCR7. It’s a compound added to the system that seems to enhance its efficiency and specificity… Read More
  • Does Antroquinonol Do Anything?

    I’ve been meaning to link to this paper from the Baran group and a team at Bristol-Myers Squibb. It describes the synthesis and properties of antroquinon… Read More
  • Where Goes Organic Synthesis

    Phillip Ball has a very good piece at Nature on the future of organic synthesis (and quotes a number of times from discussions on this blog). He starts off wit… Read More
  • New Forms of Carbon?

    Would you like a new form of carbon? Not a popular Christmas list item among the general public, that one, but for a lot of chemists, the answer is “Yes… Read More
  • Palladium Does What It Wants

    Organic chemists do a heck of a lot of palladium-catalyzed coupling reactions. And there are lists of catalysts that go all the way down the page for them, for… Read More
  • Fluorinated Perfumes

    Organic chemists, we get to experience a lot of things with our noses. The field is famously wide-ranging when it comes to smells, from beautiful flowery stuff… Read More
  • Screen Carefully

    This recent paper asks the question “Can Invalid Bioactives Undermine Natural-Product Based Drug Discovery?” And as any of you who’ve done any… Read More
  • One Step Beyond! Maybe More.

    There are plenty of useful drugs whose structures are, well, odd-looking. Antibiotics, as a class, have a lot of these: macrocycles, polyenes, polyhydroxylated… Read More
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