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  • A Rain of Tiny Droplets

    You might be surprised to know how little we chemists know about what our reactions are really doing. A case in point is the “on water” field. Water… Read More
  • Gilbert Stork, 1921-2017

    Word reached me late yesterday that Gilbert Stork had died. His most recent paper was published just last month in Org. Lett., and included what will surely bec… Read More
  • Darn Near Flatland

    Graphene is the most famous of the two-dimensional solids, and with good reason. We’ve all seen graphite in pencils, and it’s strange to think that… Read More
  • A Nobel for Cryo-EM

    The Chemistry Nobel committee seems to have taken everyone by surprise today with their award for cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). That’s not because i… Read More
  • Building Our Own Molecular Machines

    Let’s talk about enzyme envy. That’s what we organic chemists experience when we stop to think about how every complex natural product in the world… Read More
  • Short Chemistry Topics

    Blogging time is tight today, but there are several interesting stories and follow-ups that I wanted to mention. For starters, I wrote here about a cyclohexane… Read More
  • Electrochemistry For All

    Phil Baran and co-workers Ming Yan and Yu Kawamata at Scripps have published an overview of what they feel is needed in synthetic organic electrochemistry, and… Read More
  • A Tour of the Outer Precincts

    You know, in an odd way, I’m actually more optimistic about drug discovery than I was a few years back. It’s due to the new tools that we have in mo… Read More
  • Experiments, Lots of Experiments

    Here’s a useful guide to setting up lots of experiments – which is something that you’d think we science types already would know how to do, b… Read More
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