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  • Chemical News

    A New Version of ChemDraw Mobile

    I mentioned ChemDraw for the iPad earlier this year, but the folks at PerkinElmer tell me that they’ve released a new version of it, and of Chem3D. (They’re here and here at Apple, respectively). They’ve added text annotation, which seems to have been a highly requested feature, adjustable arrows, and a number of other features. Read More
  • Chemical News

    Bring Me More Cute Ring Systems

    Here’s a paper from the Carreira group at the ETH, in collaboration with Roche, that falls into a category I’ve always enjoyed. I put these under the heading of “Synthetic routes into cute functionalized ring systems”, and you can see my drug-discovery bias showing clearly. Med-chem people like these kinds of molecules. (I h… Read More
  • Chemical Biology

    Making the Bacteria Make Your Fluorinated Compounds

    Acetate is used in vivo as a starting material for all sorts of ridiculously complex natural products. So here’s a neat idea: why not hijack those pathways with fluoroacetate and make fluorinated things that no one’s ever seen before? That’s the subject of this new paper in Science, from Michelle Chang’s lab at Berkeley. The… Read More
  • Chemical Biology

    Chemistry On The End of DNA

    We chemists have always looked at the chemical machinery of living systems with a sense of awe. A billion years of ruthless pruning (work, or die) have left us with some bizarrely efficient molecular catalysts, the enzymes that casually make and break bonds with a grace and elegance that our own techniques have trouble even… Read More
  • Analytical Chemistry

    The 3D Fragment Consortium

    Fragment-based screening comes up here fairly often (and if you’re interested in the field, you should also have Practical Fragments on your reading list). One of the complaints both inside and outside the fragment world is that there are a lot of primary hits that fall into flat/aromatic chemical space (I know that those two… Read More
  • Chemical News

    Ingenol: A Walk In The Park

    The Baran group at Scripps has a whopper of a total synthesis out in Science. They have a route to the natural product ingenol, which is isolated from a Euphorbia species, a genus that produces a lot of funky diterpenoids. A synthetic ester of the compound as recently been approved to treat actinic keratosis, a… Read More
  • Chemical News

    A Microwave Argument

    Since I was talking about microwave heating of reactions here the other week, I wanted to mention this correspondence in Angewandte Chemie. Oliver Kappe is the recognized expert on microwave heating in chemistry, and recently published an overview of the topic. One of the examples he cited was a report of some Friedel-Crafts reactions that… Read More
  • Chemical News

    The Norbornyl Cation Structure (Really)

    Here it is 2013, and the last shot has just now been fired in the norbornyl cation debate. I’m too young to have lived through that one, although it was still echoing around as I learned chemistry. But now we have a low-temperature crystal structure of the ion itself, and you know what? It’s nonclassical. Read More
  • Chemical News

    How Robust Is That New Reaction, Anyway?

    Here’s a paper in Nature Chemistry that addresses something that isn’t explicitly targeted as often as it should be: the robustness of new reactions. The authors, I think, are right on target with this: We believe a major hurdle to the application of a new chemical methodology to real synthetic problems is a lack of… Read More
  • Chemical News

    Product Inhibition, Or Grinding To A Halt

    Here’s a neat bit of reaction optimization from the Aubé lab at Kansas. Update: left the link out before – sorry!) They’re trying to make one of their workhorse reactions, the intramolecular Schmidt, a bit less nasty by cutting down on the amount of acid catalyst. The problem with that is product inhibition: the amide… Read More