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  • Calcium: A Backwater

    We’ve had a hundred years or so of nonstop love directed toward organomagnesium compounds (from Victor Grignard, patron saint of getting the reaction name… Read More
  • Smell the Vibrations

    Mentioning the C. S. Sell article on odors and molecules the other day leads me to talk about Luca Turin. I don’t think you can seriously take up the topi… Read More
  • Six Chem-Geek Questions

    OK, some of this is going to sound like Sanskrit to my non-chemistry readership, but here goes: 1. When’s the last time you held a paper copy of JACS in y… Read More
  • Hexacyclinol Rides Again

    The hexacyclinol controversy has taken a very interesting new twist, which I learned about on Friday from Dylan Stiles. To recap: the molecule is a complex natu… Read More
  • Hexacyclinol? Or Not?

    There’s an interesting scandal brewing in synthetic organic chemistry – well, actually, more than one, but I haven’t covered the Sames matter… Read More
  • Chem-Geek Alternate History

    During long meetings, my thoughts turn to all sorts of useful topics – pressing things like, “If we ever meet intelligent aliens, what will they kno… Read More
  • A New Route to Tamiflu?

    There’s been a lot of press coverage the last week or so about two new routes to Tamiflu (oseltamavir). Roche famously starts from shikimic acid, most of… Read More
  • More on Woodward

    Speaking of R. B. Woodward brings up the usual question: who’s the Woodward of today? (Or, in its alternate form, how come there isn’t one?) He does… Read More
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