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    Ancient Chemistry Comes Back to Life?

    The ACS journals page has a “20 Most Accessed” list, which can be an interesting thing to examine. The current one has some articles I’ve read and enjoyed, such as the guide to molecular interactions that was in J. Med. Chem. earlier this year. And there are synthetic methods in there, and a review of… Read More
  • Chemical News

    Organic Chemistry: A Lack of Challenges?

    I had an interesting email in response to my post on returning from the SciFoo meeting. I have to say, there weren’t too many chemists at that one – not that it’s a representative slice of science, to be sure. (Theoretical physicists and computer science people were definitely over-represented, although they were fun to talk… Read More
  • Chemical News

    Metal-Free Coupling Reactions: Now Wait A Minute. . .

    I’ve written several times about how important metal-catalyzed coupling reactions are to organic synthesis – they’re the single biggest change since my grad school days in the 1980s, when they were considered sort of squirrely and exotic. Now they’re everywhere, and the literature on them is almost beyond counting. A lot of… Read More
  • Analytical Chemistry

    Running Your Fingers Over A Single Molecule

    Readers will remember the extraordinary pictures of individual pentacene molecules last fall. Well, the same IBM team, working with a group at Aberdeen, has struck again. This time they’ve imaged a much more complex organic molecule, cephalandole A. As that link details, the structure of this natural product has recently been revised –… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Know How to Make Praziquantel? Tell The World.

    One of the people I met this past weekend was Matt Todd, chemistry professor at the University of Sydney. We talked about a project his lab is working on, and I wanted to help call attention to it. They’re working on praziquantel, also known as PZQ or Biltricide, which is used to cure schistosomiasis in… Read More
  • Chemical News

    Another Zero-Palladium Delusion?

    As mentioned here before, there have been several episodes where people have thought to have discovered a new metal-catalyzed coupling reaction that uses some metal not known for such things. But closer examination often reveals that ridiculous trace amounts of palladium, copper, or other more reactive metals are still in the system and responsible… Read More
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    The Ideal Synthesis

    Phil Baran of Scripps has a paper out on the “ideal synthesis” of complex molecules. It’s mostly a review of a number of his group’s own syntheses, but it’s done in light of his definition of “ideal”: all bond-forming steps, with no protecting group manipulations or oxidation-state maneuvering. That’s… Read More
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    Maitotoxin: It’s On, All Right

    Earlier this year we had a paper from the Nicolaou lab on the synthesis of the ABCDEFG ring system of maitotoxin. Now I see that a synthesis of the QRSTU domain has arrived. That’s what, twelve rings down? Only twenty more to go, guys. This piece is “. . . appropriately functionalized . . . Read More
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    Sparteine and Other Fine Chemical Shortages

    One of the folks over at Chemistry Blog has run into a shortage: he and his labmates have tried to order (-) sparteine from every supplier in the book, and there’s none to be had. So if anyone has a big dusty bottle of it sitting around, you might drop these desperate chemists a line. Read More
  • Chemical News

    Max Gergel’s Memoirs

    For once, I’m going to farm out a “Things I Won’t Work With” post to someone else. For those who missed it in the comments, here’s the link to the PDF of Max Gergel’s extraordinary memoir “Excuse Me Sir, Would You Like to Buy a Kilo of Isopropyl Bromide?” Gergel founded Columbia Organic Chemicals, and… Read More