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  • Indistinguishable From Magic?

    What would you say if I told you that a reaction rate could be influenced by the shape of the container the reaction is being run in? Those of you who do larger… Read More
  • John D. Roberts, 1918-2016

    Pioneering chemist John D. (Jack) Roberts of Caltech has passed away, having made it to the age of 98 (!) When I wrote The Chemistry Book a couple of years ago… Read More
  • Nailing Down Small Proteins

    I found this to be a remarkable paper. Making synthetic peptides into drugs has been something that people have been trying for decades now, but it’s a re… Read More
  • Burning In Reverse

    This paper has picked up some coverage and headlines, not all of which are accurate. It’s from a group at Oak Ridge that’s looking at methods to use… Read More
  • Nobel Season 2016

    It’s Nobel Prize week! This morning we already had the Medicine/Physiology award (Yoshinori Ohsumi, for autophagy), and Chemistry is coming out on Wednesd… Read More
  • A Bucket of Photons

    A lot more people have run photochemistry reactions over the last few years than before, and a lot more people have used flow reactors. Photochemical flow makes… Read More
  • Predicting New Reactions

    While working on my talk on robotics and artificial intelligence, I was sent a link to this paper (PDF) which I thought was worth a look. It’s from a team… Read More
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