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  • Triangulene, By Force

    The molecule on the right is triangulene, and it’s an odd one. You’d think at first that you could fill everything in with alternating double bonds… Read More
  • How Not to Do It: TATP

    You may well have heard about an incident at the University of Bristol, where a student inadvertently prepared some triacetone triperoxide (TATP). That’s… Read More
  • Phil Baran Takes on the Crowd

    This should be interesting – Phil Baran of Scripps will be going on Reddit at 2 PM EST (update: looks like he’s already at it) to do one of their &# Read More
  • More Spring-Loaded Reagents

    I wrote just about this time last year about a new “strain-release” bond forming reaction system from the Baran group at Scripps. Now they’ve… Read More
  • Allotropes, Allotropes Everywhere

    I’ve always liked allotropes, and I think that a lot of chemists do. The idea of the same pure element forming completely different materials (graphite a… Read More
  • Nitration Isn’t So Simple

    OK, let’s get physical organic here for a little while. For atat ose outside the field, physical organic chemistry is the branch that studies how and why… Read More
  • All Is Forgiven At 1000 Degrees

    I can’t say that I’ve ever done any flash vacuum pyrolysis, and I’ll bet that most chemists reading this haven’t, either. I’ve see… Read More
  • David Weininger and Chemical Names

    David Weininger passed on last week, and you probably have to be into chemoinformatics for that name to immediately register. He came up with the SMILES notatio… Read More
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