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  • An Unethical Clinical Trial

    Well, here’s one from the Archives of Internal Medicine that most certainly did get published. It’s an analysis of an old clinical trial, STEPS, whi… Read More
  • Making the Numbers Confess

    Adam Feuerstein calls this not just “post hoc data mining”, but “extreme post hoc data mining”. Take a look and see what you think. Upda… Read More
  • Niacin’s Unexpected Flop

    Let’s add to the uncertainty about whether we understand cardiovascular disease, OK? The NIH has been conducting a large statin-plus-niacin trial, which i… Read More
  • The Ethics of Avastin

    When we last spoke about the Avastin-and-breast-cancer story here, the FDA had rescinded its provisional approval for that indication, and a number of people we… Read More
  • Fenofibrate: Good For Much?

    Abbott has some difficult times ahead with their fenofibrate franchise. That’s TriCor, and its newer formulation, TriLipix. Fenofibrate, as I’ve men… Read More
  • Phase II Failures

    We know what clinical trial success rates have been like for the last twenty years or so (hint: not so good). Are things turning around, or not? This Nature Rev… Read More
  • Lucentis and Avastin: Results

    So the results are in from that Lucentis-vs-Avastin comparison (known as CATT, Comparison of AMD Treatment Trials), and I’d say that they came out the way… Read More
  • Update on Avastin and Lucentis

    The Lucentis/Avastin story is going to get more complicated as the year goes on. Next month the results of a head-to-head study of the two drugs (one far less c… Read More
  • More on KV and Makena’s Pricing

    I wanted to do some follow-up on the Makena story – the longtime progesterone ester drug that has now been newly FDA-approved and newly made two order of… Read More
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