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  • Ignorance Was Bliss

    Just a brief note today about the “PROVE-IT” study that Bristol-Meyers Squibb ran and has now reported on. This was their big shot at Pfizer’s… Read More
  • More From the Me-Too Front

    Some interesting mail has come in after last week’s post on comparative clinical trials. Reader C.B. that I spoke about here some time ago, but should hav… Read More
  • Putting A Price on Proving It

    I’ve already had some reader mail (see here) about this article in today’s New York Times. It starts out looking like a real pharma-bashing exercise… Read More
  • Here and There

    I wanted to take a moment to mention some interesting posts around Blogdom that readers may not have seen. In a response to the news on secretin for autism (see… Read More
  • Trials of Trials

    As I mentioned yesterday, I think the kind of study that compared diuretics with other hypertension medicines was a very good thing. So why don’t we see m… Read More
  • Statins and Multiple Sclerosis

    I recently mentioned the non-cholesterol effects of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (statins,) so I thought I’d follow up on that with a discussion of the re… Read More
  • Save Your Tears

    Having unloaded on the Weekly Standardlast week, I now find myself taking aim at the Wall Street Journal. Pretty soon, I’m going to be in the pundit equiv… Read More
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