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  • Med-Chem Layoffs, On the Front Page

    Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal ran a front-page article on the chemistry layoffs that have afflicted us in the drug industry. The piece (by Avery Johnson) fo… Read More
  • Massachusetts Moving

    And while I’m on the subject of that last post, I wanted to make a quick appeal to the readership. My new position will be taking me to the research-happy… Read More
  • Layoffs – Again

    I’ve heard from more than one source that Pfizer has laid off a large number of research staff this week in Groton. This seems to have taken people by sur… Read More
  • More Help Wanted?

    Back in November, I announced the impending closure of the Wonder Drug Factory, and there were plenty of people who responded with news of open positions. My co… Read More
  • Have We Got a Job For You!

    Since I’m still on the job-hunting trail, after the events described here, I think I’d find it a bit therapeutic to complain about one part of the p… Read More
  • Open For Business

    Tuesday is my last day at the Wonder Drug Factory. I’ve been hauling out boxes, emptying the freezer, signing forms, and shaking a lot of hands. I donR… Read More
  • Ghost Town

    I’m nearly finished with two manuscripts to send out before departing the Wonder Drug Factory. One is the last paper from an earlier project – it… Read More
  • Out With the Old

    Now this is a new experience for me. Starting off the new year in the lab has usually been a time for me to clean up the office and bench and think about what I… Read More
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