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  • Hi, My Name Is […]

    I’ve had several inquiries about how the job hunt is going. Actually I’m not expecting a lot of news until well after the first of the year. Many of… Read More
  • The Paper Mountain

    Another thing a large research site has, and in mighty impressive quantities, is paper. Something’s got to be done with it, but not all laboratory paper i… Read More
  • Vial Thirty-Three: Warp Drive

    As I mentioned the other day, I’m sprinting to finish some last experiments on my side project. These are all on the “vial thirty-three” syste… Read More
  • Where Do All The Chemicals Go?

    When a bunch of chemistry projects suddenly stop in their tracks, you’re faced with a real waste disposal problem. What do you do with all the blasted che… Read More
  • The Race Is On

    Friday afternoon was quite strange. There had been another meeting to explain to people what the timetable would be to close down the site, but I left during it… Read More
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