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    No More Merck For A Couple of Days

    I’m glad to hear that the punitive damages in the Merck case will be automatically reduced under Texas law. But the jury award will still set a public precedent, which I fear that later juries will be tempted to see and raise. Hey, if the Texas fellow was worth $253 million, who’s to say that… Read More
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    Judgement Day

    A during-the-working day update, and I don’t think I’ve ever done that for good news. Merck has been found liable in the first Vioxx trial. The jury has awarded 24 million dollars in outright damages, and $229 million in punitive damages. (If you’d like a strictly utilitarian, economic response to that award, start by pricing… Read More
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    Welcome to the World, I Hope

    Although I generally don’t comment on current political events here, I wanted to congratulate the Iraqis who voted in their election this weekend. From a scientist’s point of view, it would be a fine thing if they (and the other countries in the region) could have their affairs in good enough order to join the… Read More
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    Strangers on a Train

    Sean Carroll over at Preposterous Universe is one of those half-physics half-astronomy guys. He mentions that when he’s on an airplane, the conversation takes a totally different turn depending on which field he claims. (Hint: people have some idea of what an astronomer does. . .) But Chad Orzel of Uncertain Principles hasn’t been able… Read More
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    Special Off-Topic Weekend Irrelevancy

    Just in case there’s anyone who hasn’t had enough of the whole topic, the reasons for my (not-all-that-ringing) Bush endorsement are duplicated in greater detail by Megan McArdle guest-blogging on Instapundit. Her thoughts are an extremely close match to my own on most of the topics she covers (you’ll particularly note the congrue… Read More
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    Actually, It’s Everything Else That’s Off-Topic

    Here we are, with one week to go before the election. Several bloggers that I read regularly have called on the other opinion-spouters in this business to state who they’re voting for, so readers can know where they’re writing from. Since I talk about the politics of health care and drug industry (in between lab… Read More
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    Happy Fourth of July

    July 4th here: my two small children are splashing around in an inflatable pool out in the yard while I check the whole pork shoulder that’s been cooking since about seven in the morning. More soaked hickory chips go in. (Where I grew up on the Delta, you can spot the barbecue restaurants because they… Read More
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    Osmium Tetroxide, Of All Things

    This morning brings the news, via ABC, that the recently discovered bomb plot in London involved a quantity of osmium tetroxide. That’s a surprise. I know the reagent well, but it’s not what anyone would call a common chemical, despite the news story above that calls it “easily obtained.” It’s quite odd that someone co… Read More
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    And Another Thing. . .

    I’ve been staying away from all the Clonaid / Raelian hoo-hah. As soon as I realized who was behind this, I rolled my eyes and braced for the worst. I first read about the Raelians in Donna Kossy’s extraordinary book Kooks (which I see is now in a second edition, which I must purchase very… Read More