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    A Piece of the Action

    Does anyone know where a man can put some of his hard-earned research dollars down on a Nobel Prize bet? The Chemistry prize is going to be announced early on Wednesday, so time is tight. Last year there was a German site taking bets, but they seem dormant. Here’s their previous chemistry prize page, which… Read More
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    Okay, One More Merck Point

    You know, there is one more thing about the Merck case I’d like address. This is brought on partly by the general press coverage of whether Merck knew this or hid that, and partly by an intensely irritating comment to Friday afternoon’s post. You would think, to hear the way some people talk, that no… Read More
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    No More Merck For A Couple of Days

    I’m glad to hear that the punitive damages in the Merck case will be automatically reduced under Texas law. But the jury award will still set a public precedent, which I fear that later juries will be tempted to see and raise. Hey, if the Texas fellow was worth $253 million, who’s to say that… Read More
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    Judgement Day

    A during-the-working day update, and I don’t think I’ve ever done that for good news. Merck has been found liable in the first Vioxx trial. The jury has awarded 24 million dollars in outright damages, and $229 million in punitive damages. (If you’d like a strictly utilitarian, economic response to that award, start by pricing… Read More
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    Welcome to the World, I Hope

    Although I generally don’t comment on current political events here, I wanted to congratulate the Iraqis who voted in their election this weekend. From a scientist’s point of view, it would be a fine thing if they (and the other countries in the region) could have their affairs in good enough order to join the… Read More
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    Strangers on a Train

    Sean Carroll over at Preposterous Universe is one of those half-physics half-astronomy guys. He mentions that when he’s on an airplane, the conversation takes a totally different turn depending on which field he claims. (Hint: people have some idea of what an astronomer does. . .) But Chad Orzel of Uncertain Principles hasn’t been able… Read More
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    Special Off-Topic Weekend Irrelevancy

    Just in case there’s anyone who hasn’t had enough of the whole topic, the reasons for my (not-all-that-ringing) Bush endorsement are duplicated in greater detail by Megan McArdle guest-blogging on Instapundit. Her thoughts are an extremely close match to my own on most of the topics she covers (you’ll particularly note the congrue… Read More
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    Actually, It’s Everything Else That’s Off-Topic

    Here we are, with one week to go before the election. Several bloggers that I read regularly have called on the other opinion-spouters in this business to state who they’re voting for, so readers can know where they’re writing from. Since I talk about the politics of health care and drug industry (in between lab… Read More
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    Happy Fourth of July

    July 4th here: my two small children are splashing around in an inflatable pool out in the yard while I check the whole pork shoulder that’s been cooking since about seven in the morning. More soaked hickory chips go in. (Where I grew up on the Delta, you can spot the barbecue restaurants because they… Read More
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    Osmium Tetroxide, Of All Things

    This morning brings the news, via ABC, that the recently discovered bomb plot in London involved a quantity of osmium tetroxide. That’s a surprise. I know the reagent well, but it’s not what anyone would call a common chemical, despite the news story above that calls it “easily obtained.” It’s quite odd that someone co… Read More