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  • Promoting STEM Education, Foolishly

    Here’s a man who says what he thinks about getting students into STEM careers: The United States spent more than US$3 billion last year across 209 federal… Read More
  • Just Work on the Winners

    That Lamar Smith proposal I wrote about earlier this morning can be summarized as “Why don’t you people just work on the good stuff?” And I th… Read More
  • A Dumb Proposal for the NSF

    This is a bad idea: Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) is circulating a draft of a bill to change the way the National Science Foundation reviews grant applicati… Read More
  • A Bombing

    I’m still trying to figure out if anyone I know personally was injured during yesterday’s bombing of the Boston Marathon. So far, it’s just be… Read More
  • Pick Your Stench

    OK, folks, time to choose: would you rather be downwind of an industrial-scale spill of butyl mercaptan (which started in Rouen and is already being smelled in… Read More
  • Anti-GMO. Until This Week.

    I wanted to take a moment to highlight this speech, given recently by environmentalist and anti-genetically modified organism activist Mark Lynas. Let’s m… Read More
  • Chemical Warfare in Syria?

    It’s a grim topic, but I see that there are worries that the Syrian government, or what’s left of it, is being warned not to use its stockpiles of c… Read More
  • There Go the Lights

    An awful lot of people are using an awful lot of bad language in Cambridge, MA right now. At about 4:25 PM (EST), the power flickered and went out in a large sw… Read More
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