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  • Budgets and Revenues

    Note: politics ahead. This will not be a regular feature around here, but when events warrant, it’ll rear its scaly head. BioCentury has an interesting pi… Read More
  • Time For An Election Post

    Well, every other web site in the US will be going on about the election today, and with good reason. So I’ll put up a quick post of my own, because IR… Read More
  • Way Too Much Hydrofluoric Acid

    Eight tons of hydrofluoric acid released? This industrial accident in South Korea sounds horrific. I’m surprised that only 3,000 people were injured, give… Read More
  • A Russian Chemist in Jail

    There’s a bizarre case in Russia involving chemist Olga Zelenina: Zelenina heads a laboratory at the Penza Agricultural Institute, some 600 kilometres sou… Read More
  • PhRMA Waits For The Supreme Court

    There’s no escaping politics and health care policy today. No matter what happens to the Affordable Care Act this morning (and no matter what you think of… Read More
  • Information Density

    This is a small thing, but nonetheless irritating, at least to me. Can anyone explain why some of the pharma-and-tech news sites (such as Xconomy and FiercePhar… Read More
  • More on Chinese Pharma Espionage

    Well, a lot of comments have come in about the last post on Chinese industrial espionage – some temperate, some not. I wanted to fill out another post res… Read More
  • The Force of Cluelessness

    I would like to heartily recommend the policy outlined in this post: that anyone advocating some political, economic, or social proposal should first be require… Read More
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