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  • Potassium Iodide Pills

    Well, the nuclear crisis in Japan seems to be causing a run on potassium iodide (KI), and not just in Japan. If news reports are to be believed, people in many… Read More
  • Quick Japan Update

    Just a quick note that the Japanese chemist I mentioned a couple of days ago, my old colleague Masanori Yamaura, has reported in. He and his family made it thro… Read More
  • Bias And How to Deal With It

    The coverage of the Japanese reactor situation reminds me of the coverage of many other technical issues when they overlap with serious breaking news stories. I… Read More
  • Japan

    Like everyone else, I spent the weekend following the events in Japan. A great many organic chemists have or have had Japanese colleagues; it’s a field wi… Read More
  • Science and Revolution

    GIven everything that’s happening across North Africa and the Middle East, I thought a quick geopolitical note might be in order. This is very far from be… Read More
  • And a Quick Political Note

    One of the authors (Mostafa Fekry) of the paper mentioned in my last post is at Cairo University. Which means that things must be rather uncertain for him right… Read More
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