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    Information Density

    This is a small thing, but nonetheless irritating, at least to me. Can anyone explain why some of the pharma-and-tech news sites (such as Xconomy and FiercePharma) have been redesigning their sites with lots of great, big, headline fonts set in plenty of roomy white space? First it was Gmail going to “you-don’t-need-all-that” mode… Read More
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    Science, A Zero-Sum World, and the State of the Union

    I always regret it when politics creeps into this blog. But I just finished reading this post over at The Economist’s “Free Exchange” glog, and I can’t resist linking to it. The author focuses on a few lines from the President’s State of the Union speech, and gets rather agitated: Later, the president added: “Don… Read More
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    More on Chinese Pharma Espionage

    Well, a lot of comments have come in about the last post on Chinese industrial espionage – some temperate, some not. I wanted to fill out another post responding to some of these, so, in no particular order: 1. “Everyone does this all the time”. Indeed. Espionage is a constant fact of international relations; the… Read More
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    The Force of Cluelessness

    I would like to heartily recommend the policy outlined in this post: that anyone advocating some political, economic, or social proposal should first be required to write a short essay explaining what the hell it is, and thus demonstrating that they have some minimal idea of what they’re talking about. We will never see such… Read More
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    A Radiation Chart to Clip and Save

    If any of you haven’t seen it, here’s a fine radiation-dose graphic from xkcd to help keep your Sieverts straight. And yes, it does have the banana-equivalent dose. Read More
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    Potassium Iodide Pills

    Well, the nuclear crisis in Japan seems to be causing a run on potassium iodide (KI), and not just in Japan. If news reports are to be believed, people in many other regions (such as the west coast of the US and Canada) are stocking up, and some of these people may have already started… Read More
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    Quick Japan Update

    Just a quick note that the Japanese chemist I mentioned a couple of days ago, my old colleague Masanori Yamaura, has reported in. He and his family made it through the quake (he reports that his labs are pretty well trashed, though), and they’re now evacuating Iwaki City due to the nuclear plant problems up… Read More
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    Bias And How to Deal With It

    The coverage of the Japanese reactor situation reminds me of the coverage of many other technical issues when they overlap with serious breaking news stories. I wrote a little on this subject a few years ago, talking about the Merck/Vioxx business, but I wanted to expand on it. I’m not going to rant on about… Read More
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    Like everyone else, I spent the weekend following the events in Japan. A great many organic chemists have or have had Japanese colleagues; it’s a field with a strong history in that country. I’ve heard from several people, but one of my former colleagues is still in the “unknown” category: Masanori Yamaura, of Iwaki Meisei… Read More