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  • Inhaled Insulin Strikes (Out) Again

    The Wall Street Journal has a good post-mortem of Sanofi’s inhaled insulin experience with Mannkind. I was puzzled by that deal when it was announced, bec… Read More
  • Three Not-So-Reproducible Papers

    You may well remember Amgen’s statement in 2012 about how many academic papers they were having trouble reproducing. Not everyone has taken it seriously,… Read More
  • Arguing About Zafgen’s Chances

    It’s been a wild ride for Zafgen and those following the company, and things are nowhere near over. Back in December, it became clear that two patients ha… Read More
  • Mannkind’s Last Stand

    Back in October, I said that Mannkind (MNKD) “looks doomed”. To be honest, you could have said that about them and their inhaled-insulin drug Afrezz… Read More
  • Big Trouble For Zafgen and Beloranib

    Zafgen went through a very rough patch back in October when it turned out that a patient in their key Phase III trial in Prader-Willi syndrome died. P-W patient… Read More
  • Fewer Die – But Why?

    Well, here’s an interesting situation: a drug that seems to have a definite benefit, but not for the reasons anyone expected, and not for reasons that any… Read More
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