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  • Symlin, At Last

    I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Amylin on the FDA approval of their diabetes therapy Symlin. I’ve known a couple of people out there over the ye… Read More
  • Worries about Rimonabant?

    Continuing on the theme of unexpected toxicity landmines, I wanted to take a look at a highly anticipated obesity drug from Sanofi. Rimonabant is a small molecu… Read More
  • Bungee Jumping with PPAR Drugs

    The PPAR family (known in the US as alpha, gamma, and delta, for obscure historical reasons) is one of those biological jungles that keep us all employed. They… Read More
  • Ah, Marketing

    The Advertising column in today’s Wall St. Journal has an interesting note on some recent Merck ads for their COX-2 inhibitor, Vioxx. What they’ve d… Read More
  • Of All Sad Words. . .

    If you want a good example of how something that seems completely sensible can backfire in drug development, look no further than the story of leptin. I remembe… Read More
  • Fighting City Hall

    A point I made in yesterday’s post is worth expanding on – my scepticism about the advent of the Magic Pizza Pill. It’s not just hard to devel… Read More
  • A Treadmill Pill?

    There was quite a wave of publicity about a possible “exercise pill” recently. The folks over at Godless Capitalist asked me to take a crack at expl… Read More
  • Enzymes, Right and Wrong

    >A post of mine from February 26 mentioned in passing the side effects of the anti-HIV protease inhibitor drugs. There’s nothing inherent in their mechani… Read More
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