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  • Is Irisin Real?

    In 2012, the Spiegelman lab at Harvard reported a new peptide hormone, irisin (derived from a known precursor, FNDC5), that seemed to be involved in (among othe… Read More
  • Dinitrophenol: A Possible Comeback

    I’ve mentioned metabolic uncoupling as a possible diabetes therapy. The idea is that your mitochondria will plow though large amounts of lipids under thes… Read More
  • Bonne Chance, Brandicourt

    Sanofi’s CEO hunt has ended, and the roue de la fortune has pointed to Bayer’s Olivier Brandicourt. (I’m tempted to keep dropping French phras… Read More
  • Zafgen Wins Another Round

    Since I’ve been following the progress of Zafgen and their unusual drug candidate on the blog, I wanted to note that it just resoundingly passed another P… Read More
  • A New Effect From JAK Inhibition

    Here’s an interesting paper for people into metabolic disease: the authors report that JAK1/3 inhibitors (such as ​tofacitinib) seem to cause human adip… Read More
  • Diabetes Progress

    There have recently been some welcome developments in diabetes therapy, both Type I and Type II. For the latter, there’s an interesting report of a metabo… Read More
  • Zafgen’s Epoxide Pays Its Way

    I’ve written here before about Zafgen, a small startup targeting obesity therapy with an unusual covalent epoxide drug candidate. Last fall they cleared P… Read More
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