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  • Speaking of Polyphenols. . .

    Yesterday’s mention of “nightmare polyphenols” prompted a reader to ask about the one in this paper. That’s it over there at the left, a… Read More
  • Boost Your NAD And Fix It All?

    Here’s a paper from a few weeks back that I missed during the holidays: work from the Sinclair labs at Harvard showing a new connection between SIRT1 and… Read More
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Exits Diabetes

    As the Wall Street Journal reported last night, Bristol-Myers Squibb is getting out of the diabetes business entirely, selling its collaboration with AstraZenec… Read More
  • Zafgen’s Epoxide Clears A Hurdle

    I wrote here about Zafgen and their covalent Met-Ap2 inhibitor beloranib. Word is out today that the compound has passed its first Phase II trial handily, so sc… Read More
  • Exiting Two Therapeutic Areas

    So Bristol-Myers Squibb did indeed re-org itself yesterday, with the loss of about 75 jobs (and the shifting around of 300 more, which will probably result in s… Read More
  • Mannkind’s Latest Data

    I haven’t written much about Mannkind recently. This has been a long, long, expensive saga to develop an inhaled-insulin delivery system (Afrezza), which… Read More
  • The Last PPAR Compound?

    Roche has announced that they’re halting trials of aleglitazar, a long-running investigational drug in their diabetes portfolio. I’m noting this bec… Read More
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