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  • So How Does One Grow Beta-Cells?

    The short answer is “by looking for compounds that grow beta cells”. That’s the subject of this paper, a collaboration between Peter Schulz… Read More
  • Is Obesity An Infectious Disease?

    Like many people, I have a weakness for “We’ve had it all wrong!” explanations. Here’s another one, or part of one: is obesity an infect… Read More
  • Huge But Effective

    Of the physical properties that make up the “Rule of Five” (and similar schemes), the one that I think is easiest to breach is molecular weight. I&# Read More
  • Zafgen’s Epoxide Adventure

    Zafgen is a startup in the Boston area that’s working on a novel weight-loss drug called beloranib. Their initial idea was that they were inhibiting angio… Read More
  • The Return of CB1

    CB1 ligands were all the rage a few years ago, headlined by Sanofi’s rimonabant. These looked like the best shot at the obesity market in a long time, if… Read More
  • Caloric Restriction Flops?

    Nature is out today with a paper on the results of a calorie-restriction study that began in 1987. This one took place with rhesus monkeys at the National Insti… Read More
  • An Oral Insulin Pill?

    Bloomberg has an article on Novo Nordisk and their huge ongoing effort to come up with an orally available form of insulin. That’s been a dream for a long… Read More
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