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  • Diabetes and Obesity

    Trouble for a Whole Class of Diabetes Drugs?

    The FDA has been turning its attention to some potential problems with therapies that target the incretin pathways. That includes the DPP-IV inhibitors, such as Januvia (sitagliptin) and GLP-1 peptide drugs like Byetta and Victoza. There had been reports (and FDA mentions) of elevated risks with GLP-1 drugs, but this latest concern is prompted by… Read More
  • Diabetes and Obesity

    A New Old Diabetes and Obesity Drug Candidate

    Obesity is a therapeutic area that has broken a lot of hearts (and wallets) over the years. A scroll back through this category will show some of the wreckage, and there’s plenty more out there. But hope does that springing-eternal thing that it does, and there’s an intriguing new possibility for a target in this… Read More
  • Chemical Biology

    So How Does One Grow Beta-Cells?

    The short answer is “by looking for compounds that grow beta cells”. That’s the subject of this paper, a collaboration between Peter Schulz’s group, the Novartis GNF. Schultz’s group has already published on cell-based phenotypic screens in this area, where they’re looking for compounds that could be useful in re… Read More
  • Cancer

    More on Metformin and Cancer (and Alzheimer’s)

    Metformin: what a weird compound it is. Very small, very polar, the sort of thing you’d probably cross off your list of screening hits. But it’s been taken by untold millions of diabetics (and made untold billions of dollars in the process), because it really does reduce glucose levels. It does so though mechanisms that… Read More
  • Biological News

    Is Obesity An Infectious Disease?

    Like many people, I have a weakness for “We’ve had it all wrong!” explanations. Here’s another one, or part of one: is obesity an infectious disease? During our clinical studies, we found that Enterobacter, a genus of opportunistic, endotoxin-producing pathogens, made up 35% of the gut bacteria in a morbidly obese volunteer… Read More
  • Diabetes and Obesity

    Huge But Effective

    Of the physical properties that make up the “Rule of Five” (and similar schemes), the one that I think is easiest to breach is molecular weight. I’m not saying that it’s a good idea to breeze past 500 daltons with a song on your lips – you should always realize that you’re probably asking for… Read More
  • Chemical Biology

    Zafgen’s Epoxide Adventure

    Zafgen is a startup in the Boston area that’s working on a novel weight-loss drug called beloranib. Their initial idea was that they were inhibiting angiogenesis in adipose tissue, through inhibition of methionine aminopeptidase-2. But closer study showed that while the compound was indeed causing significant weight loss in animal models, it… Read More
  • Diabetes and Obesity

    The Return of CB1

    CB1 ligands were all the rage a few years ago, headlined by Sanofi’s rimonabant. These looked like the best shot at the obesity market in a long time, if you were of an optimistic frame of mind. But the entire class came crashing down with the regulatory rejection of rimonabant itself, followed by the failure… Read More
  • Aging and Lifespan

    Caloric Restriction Flops?

    Nature is out today with a paper on the results of a calorie-restriction study that began in 1987. This one took place with rhesus monkeys at the National Institute of Aging, and I’ll skip right to the big result: no increase in life span. That’s in contrast to a study from 2009 (also in rhesus) Read More
  • Diabetes and Obesity

    An Oral Insulin Pill?

    Bloomberg has an article on Novo Nordisk and their huge ongoing effort to come up with an orally available form of insulin. That’s been a dream for a long time now, but it’s always been thought to be very close to impossible. The reasons for this are well known: your gut will treat a big… Read More