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  • A National Compound Collection

    I remember when I was in my grad school research group, looking up at the shelves of lab notebooks from past students and postdocs. Some of these were taken dow… Read More
  • Of Proteasome Inhibitors and PAINs

    Amgen is out with some new data that might well justify their purchase of Onyx a year and a half ago. A big driver for that deal was the proteasome inhibitor Ky… Read More
  • PAINs And Good Old Med Chem

    The mainstreaming of the PAINs concept continues, with editorials from Jonathan Baell in ACS Med. Chem. Letters and Dan Erlanson in J. Med. Chem.. Both are defi… Read More
  • Targeting a Transcription Factor

    Here’s a paper in Science on inhibition of the transcription factor CBFbeta-SMMHC. That’s a messed-up version of CBFbeta itself, which has been foun… Read More
  • The Old Binding Mode Switcheroo

    When a medicinal chemist gets a promising lead compound, the first thing that’s done to it is to start making modifications to the structure. Add methyls… Read More
  • More Thiol-Reactive PAIN Compounds

    Here’s an open-access paper at J. Med. Chem. on still more classes of compounds that you’re going to want to look out for. The authors, from the May… Read More
  • Underpowered And Overinterpreted

    Time for another “watch those statistics” post. I did one about this time last year, and I could do one every couple of months, to be honest. Here&# Read More
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