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  • Beware of Zinc. And of Other Stuff.

    Here’s a paper that will give many medicinal chemists a shiver of recognition. A group from Dundee reports a screening hit against the enzyme Ube2T, a ubi… Read More
  • Whole Classes of Things

    We all know about target-based drug discovery. Enough biology has been learned that we think that Protein X is operating at a crucial stage in the development o… Read More
  • A Tour of the Outer Precincts

    You know, in an odd way, I’m actually more optimistic about drug discovery than I was a few years back. It’s due to the new tools that we have in mo… Read More
  • Model This?

    Via Ash Jogalekar on Twitter, I came across this new paper from researchers at AstraZeneca (and collaborators in Sweden, the UK, and Denmark) on the synthesis a… Read More
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