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  • Watch that Little Letter “c”

    Hang around a bunch of medicinal chemists (no, really, it’s more fun than you’d think) and you’re bound to hear discussion of cLogP. For the c… Read More
  • Four Billion Compounds At a Time

    This paper from GlaxoSmithKline uses a technology that I find very interesting, but it’s one that I still have many questions about. It’s applied in… Read More
  • Finding Fast Fruit Fly Feasibility

    I’m an unabashed fan of phenotypic screening. (For those outside the field, that means screening for compounds by looking for their effects on living syst… Read More
  • Science Fiction Gets the Upper Hand

    I wrote here about the Cronin lab at Glasgow and their work on using 3-D printing technology to make small chemical reactors. Now there’s an article on th… Read More
  • Watch Your Cell Assays

    I’ve written here before about the (now) well-known problem of compound aggregation in screening assays. You can get false positives when a compound itsel… Read More
  • Return of the Rhodanome

    I do hate to bring up rhodanines again, but I’m not the one who keeps making the things. This paper from ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters turns out dozens… Read More
  • Another Vote Against Rhodanines

    For those of you who’d had to explain to colleagues (in biology or chemistry) why you’re not enthusiastic about the rhodanine compounds that came ou… Read More
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