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  • Less Than Zero

    When I wrote about lousy animal models of disease a few days ago, there was a general principle at the back of my mind. (There generally is – my wife, ove… Read More
  • No Shortcuts

    I wanted to link tonight to the “Milkshake Manifesto” over at OrgPrep Daily. It’s a set of rules for med-chem, and looking them over, I agree… Read More
  • Good Mistakes?

    Here’s an interesting press release on a potential new class of anticancer drugs. It has a nice hook (“Lab mistake leads to cancer finding!”)… Read More
  • Upside Down Activity

    After yesterday’s post, several people brought up the issue of inverted screening cascades. What happens when your compound works better in the mice than… Read More
  • The Unattractive Truth

    “You like those scatterplots, don’t you?”, someone said to me the other day. And I can’t deny it. On most projects that my lab has been… Read More
  • Those Darn Invisible Creatures

    If you want to make your friends in the cell culture lab jump, just walk up behind them and shout “mycoplasma!” (What’s that? You say you have… Read More
  • Waste O’ Time Awards

    Here’s a question for my readers in the research community: what assay have you dealt that turned out to be the biggest waste of time and effort? I can th… Read More
  • More on Voodoo

    Well, my last post on biological systems and their ingredients really touched a nerve (see here for an example). I guess I should, um, clarify my position befor… Read More
  • And 0.04 Molar in Eye of Newt. . .

    You know, I mean no offense to all my pharmacologist friends and readers, but. . .do y’all really know why all those things are in your buffers and soluti… Read More
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