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  • The Animal Testing Hierarchy

    I’ve had some questions about animal models and testing, so I thought I’d go over the general picture. As far as I can tell, my experience has been… Read More
  • A Bad Assay: Better Than None?

    Man, do we ever have a lot of assays in this business. Almost every drug development project has a long list of them, arranged in what we call a screening casca… Read More
  • Travels In Numerica Deserta

    There’s a problem in the drug industry that people have recognized for some years, but we’re not that much closer to dealing with it than we were th… Read More
  • Less Than Zero

    When I wrote about lousy animal models of disease a few days ago, there was a general principle at the back of my mind. (There generally is – my wife, ove… Read More
  • No Shortcuts

    I wanted to link tonight to the “Milkshake Manifesto” over at OrgPrep Daily. It’s a set of rules for med-chem, and looking them over, I agree… Read More
  • Good Mistakes?

    Here’s an interesting press release on a potential new class of anticancer drugs. It has a nice hook (“Lab mistake leads to cancer finding!”)… Read More
  • Upside Down Activity

    After yesterday’s post, several people brought up the issue of inverted screening cascades. What happens when your compound works better in the mice than… Read More
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