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  • Oh, Dear

    I spoke yesterday about going through lists of chemical structures, looking for ones that we might want to keep in our screening libraries and, simultaneously,… Read More
  • Too Interesting For Us

    How do we accumulate our piles of test compounds over here in the drug industry? Well, mostly, we make them ourselves. But we also buy collections of compounds. Read More
  • Model Systems, From Inside and Out

    I’ve mentioned before that one of our big problems in the drug industry seems to be finding compounds that work in man. I know, that sounds pretty obvious… Read More
  • What Ails Us

    Before getting started, I’d like to recommend the discussion going on in the Comments section of the “All the Myriad Ways” post below. If you… Read More
  • The Vapor Trail I Referred To

    I mentioned the other day that not everything in that Stuart Schreiber interview sounded sane to me, (although more of it does than I’d expected). The int… Read More
  • Ezetimibe, The Press, and More

    Credit where it’s due! Yesterday I mentioned the original chemist who started the ezetimibe story, but I should note that the drug itself was synthesized… Read More
  • How Drugs Die

    Everyone in the industry would like to do something about the failure rate of drugs in clinical trials. It would be far better to have not spent the time and mo… Read More
  • A Request From Biology

    A fellow researcher, working over at The Competition, sent along a couple of good questions. He’s a biologist, and was reading the posts here earlier this… Read More
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