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  • Drug Assays

    No Shortcuts

    I wanted to link tonight to the “Milkshake Manifesto” over at OrgPrep Daily. It’s a set of rules for med-chem, and looking them over, I agree with them pretty much across the board. There’s a general theme in them of getting as close to the real system as you can, which is a theme I’ve… Read More
  • Cancer

    Good Mistakes?

    Here’s an interesting press release on a potential new class of anticancer drugs. It has a nice hook (“Lab mistake leads to cancer finding!”), and the work itself isn’t bad at all. It’s an neat biochemical result, which might eventually lead to something. You have to know a bit about drug discovery and development to… Read More
  • Clinical Trials

    Upside Down Activity

    After yesterday’s post, several people brought up the issue of inverted screening cascades. What happens when your compound works better in the mice than it did in the cells? Worse, what if it would have worked in the mice, but you never put it in there because it was so weak in the cell assays?… Read More
  • Cancer

    Reality, Here In This Little Dish

    I’ve noticed a few stories making the rounds recently about possible new cancer therapies. Johns Hopkins has press-released the work of a group there on, and several news outlets have picked up on a British study on the effect of vanilloid agonists (such as the hot-pepper compound capsaicin) on cancer cells. And all this is… Read More
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    The Unattractive Truth

    “You like those scatterplots, don’t you?”, someone said to me the other day. And I can’t deny it. On most projects that my lab has been assigned to, at some point I end up messing around with all the project data, plotting one thing against another and looking for correlations. Often what I find is… Read More
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    Those Darn Invisible Creatures

    If you want to make your friends in the cell culture lab jump, just walk up behind them and shout “mycoplasma!” (What’s that? You say you have no friends in the cell culture lab? Hmm. . .) Mycoplasma is a scary word because they’re scary little organisms. They’re bacteria, just barely, running much smaller than… Read More
  • Drug Assays

    Waste O’ Time Awards

    Here’s a question for my readers in the research community: what assay have you dealt that turned out to be the biggest waste of time and effort? I can think of several strong nominees, but I’ll lead off with one from quite a while ago. This one happened in an antiviral group, and I believe… Read More
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    More on Voodoo

    Well, my last post on biological systems and their ingredients really touched a nerve (see here for an example). I guess I should, um, clarify my position before the leaky bottles of beta-mecaptoethanol start arriving by FedEx. I already knew the reasons for several of the components I spoke about – EDTA, for example. And… Read More
  • Drug Assays

    And 0.04 Molar in Eye of Newt. . .

    You know, I mean no offense to all my pharmacologist friends and readers, but. . .do y’all really know why all those things are in your buffers and solutions? I’ve been wrestling with this the last few days, trying to straighten out my “vial thirty-three” problem, and it’s been interesting. There’s some reducing… Read More
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    Everything’s Under Control, Right?

    One of the odd things about science is that you spend a good amount of time trying to prove that you don’t know what you’re talking about. At least, if you’re doing it right, you should. Take the first part of a drug discovery project, for instance. Most of them have a “primary assay”, which… Read More