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  • Ezetimibe, The Press, and More

    Credit where it’s due! Yesterday I mentioned the original chemist who started the ezetimibe story, but I should note that the drug itself was synthesized… Read More
  • How Drugs Die

    Everyone in the industry would like to do something about the failure rate of drugs in clinical trials. It would be far better to have not spent the time and mo… Read More
  • A Request From Biology

    A fellow researcher, working over at The Competition, sent along a couple of good questions. He’s a biologist, and was reading the posts here earlier this… Read More
  • Ratio Rationalizations

    We spend a lot of time in drug discovery thinking about ratios. As we accumulate data about our compounds, we start ranking them by how selective they are ̵… Read More
  • That Voodoo That We Do

    I mentioned in passing that getting cells to express a new gene’s protein is voodoo. That’s pretty close to the technical term of the art for it. Ge… Read More
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