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    And 0.04 Molar in Eye of Newt. . .

    You know, I mean no offense to all my pharmacologist friends and readers, but. . .do y’all really know why all those things are in your buffers and solutions? I’ve been wrestling with this the last few days, trying to straighten out my “vial thirty-three” problem, and it’s been interesting. There’s some reducing… Read More
  • Drug Assays

    Everything’s Under Control, Right?

    One of the odd things about science is that you spend a good amount of time trying to prove that you don’t know what you’re talking about. At least, if you’re doing it right, you should. Take the first part of a drug discovery project, for instance. Most of them have a “primary assay”, which… Read More
  • Drug Assays

    Seven Questions

    As a drug discovery project moves along, we synthesize lots of new compounds, test them, and pick the best ones to make in large quantities. Simple, eh? Try your hand, then, at some of these questions, all of which have come up in the course of my career so far: 1. If you’re running an… Read More
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    What Makes A Target, Anyway?

    I had a question a while back about how often researchers are fooling themselves when they think they’ve found a new signaling pathway or a new disease target. That one’s pretty easy to answer, to a rough approximation: the less work you do, the better the chance that you’re fooling yourself. But it can take… Read More
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    Compounds for the Sake of Compounds

    I’ve started my Memorial Day weekend early (thus the mid-morning posting time.) One of the comments to the previous post mentions the “let’s make these compounds because we can” attitude, and points out that this was the fallacy underlying the combichem boom (and bust.) True enough – I should have clarified my point by… Read More
  • Drug Assays

    Oh, Dear

    I spoke yesterday about going through lists of chemical structures, looking for ones that we might want to keep in our screening libraries and, simultaneously, for the ones that we never want to see again. There’s a paper from last year in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (47, 4891) that’s an embarrassing reminder of just… Read More
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    Too Interesting For Us

    How do we accumulate our piles of test compounds over here in the drug industry? Well, mostly, we make them ourselves. But we also buy collections of compounds. Some of them are from other companies that have gone under, and some of them are from outfits that do nothing but produce libraries of (putatively) interesting… Read More
  • Animal Testing

    Model Systems, From Inside and Out

    I’ve mentioned before that one of our big problems in the drug industry seems to be finding compounds that work in man. I know, that sounds pretty obvious, but the statement improves when you consider the reasons why compounds fail. Recent studies have suggested that these days, fewer compounds are failing through some of the… Read More
  • Drug Assays

    What Ails Us

    Before getting started, I’d like to recommend the discussion going on in the Comments section of the “All the Myriad Ways” post below. If you find the topic of gene patents at all interesting, it’s worth keeping up with. Me, I’m just watching for now, feeling like Teresa Nielsen Hayden as the discussion takes off… Read More
  • Biological News

    The Vapor Trail I Referred To

    I mentioned the other day that not everything in that Stuart Schreiber interview sounded sane to me, (although more of it does than I’d expected). The interviewer, Joanna Owens, asks him to expand on a statement he made about ten years ago: famously (in some circles, at any rate) Schreiber said that he wanted to… Read More