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  • Modifying Natural Products, And How

    The field of late-stage modification of complex structures has seen several advances in the last few years, and this is just the sort of thing that medicinal ch… Read More
  • Past the Limits

    Michael Gilman has an interesting article up at LinkedIn about trying to get past the current small-molecule limits of medicinal chemistry. His suggestion is &# Read More
  • No Easy Road to Getting Rid of PAINS

    Here’s a warning about trying to write compounds off too quickly as PAINs (pan-assay interference compounds). The authors, from UNC-Chapel Hill, have gone… Read More
  • The Weirdness of Ebselen

    I think that most medicinal chemists look at the structure of ebselen and say “That’s not a drug”. Selenium atoms don’t belong in drugs… Read More
  • Curcumin Will Waste Your Time

    I really enjoyed reading this article in J. Med. Chem. on curcumin. (Update: here’s the take over at Practical Fragments). That’s a well-known natur… Read More
  • Right Hand, Left Hand, Either Hand

    Medicinal chemists like it when one enantiomer of a compound binds to a target much more than the other one. That tells you that you’re getting real bindi… Read More
  • A Quick Survey of the Landscape

    I think, at this point in the history of medicinal chemistry, that we’re now trying to define just what the limits of med-chem might be. By that, I mean s… Read More
  • Zika Cures? Not Quite Yet

    There’s a paper out in Nature that’s gotten a lot of attention, because it’s directed towards therapies against Zika virus infection. The auth… Read More
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