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  • China’s First Homegrown Pharma

    The Wall Street Journal had an article on a new HDAC inhibitor from Shenzhen Chipscreen (full text here from The Australian). It’s worth highlighting. Epi… Read More
  • Levels of Data

    Here’s a brief article in Science that a lot of us should keep a copy of. Plenty of journalists and investors should do the same. It’s a summary of… Read More
  • Silicon Valley Sunglasses

    The intersection between Silicon-Valley-style tech and biotech is getting a lot of attention these days. Some of it looks like it could be a productive synthesi… Read More
  • Taking Your Doses For You

    MIT’s Bob Langer has another idea: he’s looking to change the way that entire courses of treatment are dosed. What if an extended-release formulatio… Read More
  • Tone It Down

    You know, I’m not sure I should have cut Atomwise so much slack the other day. I just came across this piece on them, and. . .well, I’ll let it spea… Read More
  • Transcelerate Status Report

    Here’s a followup to something I wrote in 2012. That was when a joint venture called Trancelerate was announced to address precompetitive drug development… Read More
  • Drug Development for Academics

    I have a book review out in Nature Chemical Biology of A Practical Guide to Drug Development in Academia. As you’ll see, I liked it, finding it a very use… Read More
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