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Posts tagged with "Drug Development"

  • Academia (vs. Industry)

    The NIH’s Drug Repurposing Program Gets Going

    Here’s an update on the NIH’s NCATS program to repurpose failed clinical candidates from the drug industry. I wrote about this effort here last year, and expressed some skepticism. It’s not that I think that trying drugs (or near-drugs) for other purposes is a bad idea prima facie, because it isn’t. I just wonder about… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Salary Freeze at Lilly

    We now return to our regularly schedule program around here – or at least, Eli Lilly is now returning to theirs. The company announced that they’re freezing salaries for most of the work force, in an attempt to save hundreds of millions of dollars in advance of their big patent expirations. Some bonuses will be… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Good Advice: Get Lost!

    I thought everyone could use something inspirational after the sorts of stories that have been in the news the last few days. Here’s a piece at FierceBiotech on Regeneron, a company that’s actually doing very well and expanding. And how have they done it? Regeneron CEO Dr. Leonard “Len” Schleifer, who founded the company in… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    The GSK Jackpot

    Well, this got my attention: according to the Sunday Times, GlaxoSmithKline is preparing to hand out hefty bonus payments to scientists if they have a compound approved for sale. Hefty, in this context, means up to several million dollars. The earlier (and much smaller) payouts for milestones along the way will disappear, apparently, to be… Read More
  • Clinical Trials

    The Last PPAR Compound?

    Roche has announced that they’re halting trials of aleglitazar, a long-running investigational drug in their diabetes portfolio. I’m noting this because I think that this might be the absolute last of the PPAR ligands to fail in the clinic. And boy howdy, has it been a long list. Merck, Lilly, Kyorin, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Novo Nordisk… Read More
  • Academia (vs. Industry)

    The Drug Industry and the Obama Administration

    Over at Forbes, John Osborne adds some details to what has been apparent for some time now: the drug industry seems to have no particular friends inside the Obama administration: Earlier this year I listened as a recently departed Obama administration official held forth on the industry and its rather desultory reputation. . .the substance… Read More
  • Drug Development

    Bernard Munos on The Last Twelve Years of Pharma

    Bernard Munos (ex-Lilly, now consulting) is out with a paper reviewing the approved drugs from 2000 to 2012. What’s the current state of the industry? Is the upturn in drug approvals over the last two years real, or an artifact? And is it enough to keep things going? Over that twelve-year span, the average drug… Read More
  • Drug Development

    The Atlantic on Drug R&D

    “Can you respond to this tripe?” asked one of the emails that sent along this article in The Atlantic. I responded that I was planning to, but that things were made more complicated by my being extensively quoted in said tripe. Anyway, here goes. The article, by Brian Till of the New America Foundation, seems… Read More
  • Drug Development

    Tecfidera’s Price

    Let us take up the case of Tecfidera, the new Biogen/Idec drug for multiple sclerosis, known to us chemists as dimethyl fumarate. It joins the (not very long) list of industrial chemicals (the kind that can be purchased in railroad-car sizes) that are also approved pharmaceuticals for human use. The MS area has seen this… Read More
  • Drug Development

    Sirtuins Live On at GSK

    Well, GSK is shutting down the Sirtris operation in Cambridge, but sirtuins apparently live on. I’m told that the company is advertising for chemists and biologists to come to Pennsylvania to staff the effort, and in this market, they’ll have plenty of takers. We’ll have the sirtuin drug development saga with us for a while… Read More