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Posts tagged with "Drug Development"

  • Clinical Trials

    A Quiet And Sudden Exit for Amiselimod

    Here’s an example of a common behavior in this industry – and to be fair, in many others as well. Big deals are celebrated and press-released at the outset, but if things don’t work out, they end very quietly – as quietly as possible. Sometimes that’s not very possible at all, because a big Phase… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Productivity Over the Years

    The last couple of years have been very good for the number of drug approvals, reversing a rather worrying trend. But are these data points themselves enough to qualify as a reversal? That’s what John Carroll is asking here, pointing out that even the traditional end-of-the-year flurry of approvals doesn’t look likely to rescue the num… Read More
  • Clinical Trials

    Cathepsin K: A Promising Target Fades Out

    Here’s another one for the file of huge, long, costly drug discovery efforts that came to nothing (and that no one outside the business ever hears about): cathepsin K inhibitors. I remember “Cat K” from my own (relatively brief) days in osteoporosis drug work some years ago. It’s a target that’s been around since the… Read More
  • Analytical Chemistry

    Right Hand, Left Hand, Either Hand

    Medicinal chemists like it when one enantiomer of a compound binds to a target much more than the other one. That tells you that you’re getting real binding to a protein target, and the bigger the difference between the two, the more you can say about the actual binding site. But is this always true?… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    More from the Drugs for Neglected Disease Initiative

    My recent post on the Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi) brought some emails from Robert Don at the organization. He has more details on the sleeping sickness project – pointing out, for example, that the contribution from Scynexis was not pro bono, as I’d assumed: We actually contracted a team of 10 chemists at… Read More
  • Drug Development

    The Open Source Malaria Project, So Far

    The Open Source Malaria (OSM) project has a paper out (open-access, fittingly) in ACS Central Science, and it’s an interesting read. This is the effort from Mat Todd at Sydney and many, many others around the world to build on the malaria phenotypic screening results released in 2010 (and prioritized in 2011) by GSK. They’ve been foll… Read More
  • Drug Assays

    A Quick Survey of the Landscape

    I think, at this point in the history of medicinal chemistry, that we’re now trying to define just what the limits of med-chem might be. By that, I mean small molecules, as opposed to biologics. The early days of the field were naturally a lot more wide open, since there were so many targets that… Read More
  • Cancer

    Novartis and CAR-T: What’s Going On?

    The upheaval in the Novartis CAR-T program happened while I was off at a conference last week and unable to give it a full treatment. So now that it’s happened, let’s think about it a bit. The folks at Endpoints have been a good source of info on this story, and it appears that Novartis… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Gosh, Fellows, There’s a Better Way

    I wrote a few months ago about the Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDI) and how some people have pointed to its low costs as a new model for drug discovery. I wasn’t convinced. Now there’s a long article at Nature News (update: link fixed) about the DNDI and how its low costs could be a… Read More
  • Clinical Trials

    Rules for Modern Drug Development

    Here’s Robert Plenge at Merck, writing in Science Translational Medicine on what currently looks like the best way we have to do drug discovery. I’ll freely admit that I didn’t expect this article to be as good as it is (a lot of things with titles like this are crap). But he’s done a good… Read More