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  • They All Get Real at Some Point

    In every drug development project, there are put-up-or-shut-up moments. Those are referred to by more traditional project planners as “milestones,”… Read More
  • Our Buddies at the FDA

    Another question I’ve had posed to me is whether the FDA standards for drug approval are too tight (no one who writes to me seems to worry that they might… Read More
  • A Twisty Road

    The business news has been on top of the science news recently, that’s for sure. Maybe we can go a week or so without accounting issues, mergers, and what… Read More
  • Another Shot

    Little time to blog tonight – I was out at a celebration of another milestone in a compound’s development. I’ve been to a lot of these over th… Read More
  • It’s Not Pretty, But It Works

    Charles Murtaugh has an interesting piece on drug discovery, and invites me to correct any misstatements that he may have made. Hey, under my no-sparrow-shall-f… Read More
  • What’s a Project Manager to Do?

    One of the things that strikes experienced drug-company people is the cyclic nature of the industry. There’s the boom-and-bust productivity cycle thatR… Read More
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