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  • Academia (vs. Industry)

    One More On Basic Research and the Clinic

    OK, one more on this topic before moving on to other things for a while. The Bedside Matters medblog has a better roundup of the reactions to my post than I could have done myself. And “Encephalon” there also has one of the longer replies I’ve seen to my initial post, worth reading in full. Read More
  • Academia (vs. Industry)

    How Much Basic Research?

    My long cri de couer last week continues to bring in a number of comments, which I appreciate. Matthew Holt of the Health Care Blog asks: How much money does the NIH spend on basic research and how much does the pharma business spend on it (and you can include development if you like)? I… Read More
  • Academia (vs. Industry)

    How It Really Works

    So is this the attitude we’re up against? Here’s a thread on Slashdot on the clinical trial disclosure issue – titled, I note in light of yesterday’s post, “Medical Journals Fight Burying of Inconvenient Research”. My favorite verb again! The comments range from the insightful to the insipid (for another good rea… Read More
  • "Me Too" Drugs

    Me Too, Part Two

    As came up in the comments to the previous post, there’s not as much price competition inside a given drug category as you’d think. That’s not because we’re Evil Price Gougers, at least not necessarily. As I was pointed out yesterday, “me-too” type drugs aren’t as equivalent as some people think. The main r… Read More
  • Drug Development

    Down in the Salt Mine

    As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been spending the last couple of days working on salt forms of one of our compounds. Even folks who slept through one semester of general chemistry may remember that an acid plus a base gives you a salt, which is just what I’ve been doing. Most of the compounds we… Read More
  • Drug Development

    How Long Can This Go On?

    Back before my vacation, I mentioned the problem of judging how long a drug project should be allowed to run. You have to call a halt eventually, because it’s very rare for a project to finish of its own accord – by which I mean “arrive at a conclusion that no one can argue about… Read More
  • Diabetes and Obesity

    Worries about Rimonabant?

    Continuing on the theme of unexpected toxicity landmines, I wanted to take a look at a highly anticipated obesity drug from Sanofi. Rimonabant is a small molecule antagonist of the CB-1 receptor, and it’s been getting a lot of press – both for its impressive efficacy and for its mechanism of action. The “CB” in… Read More
  • Cancer

    Bungee Jumping with PPAR Drugs

    The PPAR family (known in the US as alpha, gamma, and delta, for obscure historical reasons) is one of those biological jungles that keep us all employed. They’re nuclear receptors, and thus they’re involved in up- and down-regulation of hundreds of genes. Like most of the other nuclear receptors, they do that by responding to… Read More
  • Drug Development

    The Two Ends of the Stick

    I wanted to emphasize a point I made yesterday, about how far removed the research organization is from the sales force in a drug company. I’m not backing away from them, just pointing out that we’re at completely opposite ends of a company’s functions. By the time a drug gets into the hands of the… Read More
  • Drug Development

    Down the Hatch

    We have a lot of received wisdom in the drug business, rules of thumb and things that everybody knows. One of the things that we all know is that the gut wall isn’t much fun for our drugs to get across sometimes. That’s inconvenient, since most people would prefer to swallow their medicine rather than… Read More