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  • The Histamine Code, You Say?

    I’ve been meaning to link to John LaMattina’s blog for some time now. He’s a former R&D guy (and author of Drug Truths: Dispelling the My… Read More
  • Extreme Outsourcing

    My local NPR station had this report on this morning, on one-person drug companies. Can’t outsource much more than that! Here are the two companies profil… Read More
  • Maybe It Really Is That Hard?

    Here’s an interesting note from the Wall Street Journal‘s Health Blog. I can’t summarize it any better than they have: “When former NIH… Read More
  • Ups and Downs

    I was thinking the other day that I never remembered hearing the phrase “Big Pharma” when I first got a job in this business (1989). Now I have some… Read More
  • Pfizer: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

    Matthew Herper has a good piece over in Forbes on the speculation that Pfizer might devolve. Here’s his breakdown of how five (or so) separate Pfizer-deri… Read More
  • R&D Is For Losers?

    Now here’s a piece that I’m looking for good reasons to dismiss. And I think its author, Jim Edwards, wouldn’t mind some, too. You’ve pr… Read More
  • What’s Really Killing Pharma

    Update: link fixed! Anthony Nicholls over at OpenEye really unburdens himself here, in a post that I recommend to anyone in the business (or anyone who wants to… Read More
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