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  • Merck Actually Does It

    So Merck wasn’t kidding about making a large deal, were they? When I used to work for Schering-Plough back in the 1990s, there were constant rumors, the whole… Read More
  • Kinases: Hot or Not?

    For the last ten or fifteen years, untold amounts of time and money have been spent developing drugs to inhibit kinase enzymes. Just go take a look at KinasePro… Read More
  • A Long Tail Indeed

    A reader reminded me of this paper, which I meant to blog on when it came out last year. The authors looked over the entire Chemical Abstracts Service registry… Read More
  • Ten Years After: The Genomics Frenzy

    So it’s been ten years now since the peak of the genomics craze in the drug industry. Hard to believe! Looking back on these things, it can be hard to recaptu… Read More
  • Why Pfizer?

    I get occasional comments and e-mails asking why I’m so hard on Pfizer. It’s not that I have anything personal against the company – I’ve never worked t… Read More
  • New Year – I Hope!

    In past years, around this time I’ve often done a look back at the previous year in the drug industry. I hope that no one will be disappointed if I scuttle th… Read More
  • When Placebos Were All There Were

    Yesterday’s discussion of how to deal with various forms of pseudoscientific hoo-hah naturally brought up several mentions of the placebo effect. And that… Read More
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