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  • Overpatenting?

    There’s an article in the latest New Republic on innovation in the drug industry. As far as I’m concerned, it draws good conclusions from faulty pre… Read More
  • Where Credit’s Due

    My post from September 18th (“As Others See Us”) on Alan Murray’s Wall St. Journal column drew some interesting mail. I quoted a line of his:… Read More
  • Fun While It Lasted

    The realization has gradually crept up on pharmaceutical chemists that the Great Hiring Wave of the last few years is over. For a while there, it was the bigges… Read More
  • Nothing Like It in the World

    Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit posted an interesting exchange, which started off as a comment on a post from Kausfiles: (Mickey) Kaus sees medical advances… Read More
  • Separation Anxiety

    Sepracor‘s really taken a pounding after an FDA “non-approvable” letter for their antihistamine compound. But they haven’t been a quiet… Read More
  • The Latest Thing

    The pharmaceutical industry is overdue for another crazy idea. Go back to the mid/late 1980s, for example, and you hit the first swell of computer-aided “ Read More
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