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  • Fall From Grace

    A couple of articles have come together and gotten me to thinking. Back during the summer, long-time medicinal chemist Mark Murcko published a short editorial i… Read More
  • The PhRMA Deal

    I’m not always a fan of John Boehner, but I think he’s on the right track with his letter to Billy Tauzin (PDF here from NPR’s health care sit… Read More
  • PhRMA’s Negotiating Game

    Now for a bit on the pharma industry and the current fight over health care legislation. Does the industry want a new system to come into force, or not? Depends… Read More
  • Just Give It to NIH

    I know that many people are getting tired of this topic. But many people who work in the industry have never met someone who’s convinced that drug compani… Read More
  • Health Care Reform – Really?

    I haven’t written about the various health care reform packages that are being hammered out and hammered through the various parts of Congress. That’… Read More
  • Book Review Department

    For those who are interested, I have a review up at Nature Biotechnology of Reasonable Rx: Solving the Drug Price Crisis, a book that proposes an. . .interestin… Read More
  • Kumbaya

    Time, regrettably, for some politics. In case anyone’s wondering, my take on yesterday’s health care announcement by the Obama administration is perfectly s… Read More
  • Direct To Consumer Ads: Wasted Money?

    It’s a truism that half of all advertising dollars are wasted, but that no one buying the ads can be sure which half it is. Advertising from the drug companie… Read More
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