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    Putting A Price on Proving It

    I’ve already had some reader mail (see here) about this article in today’s New York Times. It starts out looking like a real pharma-bashing exercise. Up to a point, it is – and up to a point, it’s deserved, too. But in the end it’s a more subtle piece, not that you’d guess that from… Read More
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    One Of Us Is Hallucinating

    I’ve been involved in the comments section of another blog, a discussion of pharmaceutical prices which took off from the posts over here. Things have taken a turn that I didn’t expect, so I thought I’d run it past the readers of this site. There’s a specific misapprehension that I’m running into, one that I’ve… Read More
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    Reimportation’s Just the Beginning

    Here are some interesting points raised by reader Duane Oyen, from e-mail and quoted by permission “I think that any reimportation scheme has to be done on the basis (honest basis, not demagogic political windbaggery, which is where it usually ends up) of free trade- thus causing ME to “get to” YOU- because of the… Read More
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    Drug Prices and Costs – From the Mail

    Here are some of the responses to the recent posts on drug prices and research costs. First off, from Dave S.: “I’m a skeptic on the idea that the proceeds from the temporary legal monopoly represented by a patent is, in fact, used by pharmaceutical companies to finance R&D. Yes, I know it stands to… Read More
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    More on Prices, High and Otherwise

    The key questions raised in the e-mail I quoted in the last post are: is it fair to fund drug research through high prices on drugs? And especially, is it fair to do so by raising prices on individual drugs, rather than across the board? My answer to the first question, as you’d guess, is… Read More
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    The Contact Sport of Cost Accounting

    I have just enough time to post an interesting e-mail, from Nick H. in the Netherlands, responding to the links I posted the other day about research costs. “I agree that accountants calculate costs in the way described, but accountants do a lot of accounting in ways which aren’t always quite fair to all stakeholders. Read More
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    Darn Those R&D Costs, Anyway

    I wanted to pass along a couple of recent articles that address drug pricing and research costs. It’s a subject that attracts nonsense like a cloud of gnats; every so often you have to shoo them off. Here’s a fine post from Alex Tabarrok at Marginal Revolution: In 2003, Joseph DiMasi, Ronald Hansen, and Henry… Read More
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  • Drug Prices

    The Pricing Weapon

    I’ve been meaning to get around to the subject of Abbott’s HIV protease inhibitor, Norvir (ritonavir.) Actually, the subject I’ve really need to get around to is its price, which in December went up by about a factor of four. That’s a pretty steep move for something that’s been on the market for seven years… Read More
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    Good Sense Wins a Round

    Regular readers will know that I often rant about pharmaceutical price controls. The issue of Canadian drug reimportation is what usually sets me off, but that’s far from the only border where pharmaceuticals can be profitably arbitraged. Take the countries of the EU, for example. There’s no central EU health plan (not yet, anyway ̵… Read More