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  • Darn Those R&D Costs, Anyway

    I wanted to pass along a couple of recent articles that address drug pricing and research costs. It’s a subject that attracts nonsense like a cloud of gna… Read More
  • The Pricing Weapon

    I’ve been meaning to get around to the subject of Abbott’s HIV protease inhibitor, Norvir (ritonavir.) Actually, the subject I’ve really need… Read More
  • Good Sense Wins a Round

    Regular readers will know that I often rant about pharmaceutical price controls. The issue of Canadian drug reimportation is what usually sets me off, but that… Read More
  • More on Drug Prices

    I can strongly recommend this piece from Robert Bartley in the Wall Street Journal today. It’s a clear-eyed look at the issues involved. There are a coupl… Read More
  • The Dismal Science of Drug Prices

    I’m a little disconcerted by Instapundit’s endorsement today of the Wellstone drug reimportation bill. My position on this is closer to Andrew Sulli… Read More
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