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  • Shkreli’s Chagas Maneuver

    In case you’ve been wondering what Martin Shkreli has been up to, here’s a look at his recent appearance at a meeting put on by the folks at Forbes. Read More
  • A Look At Drug Pricing

    The Wall Street Journal ran a long look yesterday at drug pricing in the US, and it’s hard to argue with this summary: The upshot is Americans fund much o… Read More
  • Idiocy On Drug Research Costs

    Here’s a piece from the Center for Economic and Policy Research that claims to have the whole high-drug-price problem figured out. It’s “incr… Read More
  • What Martin Shkreli Is Counting On

    So now that a compounding pharmacy group is moving in on Martin Shkreli’s business model for Daraprim, he’s got problems, right? I would like to thi… Read More
  • Dying By the Sword

    There have been several developments in the T*ing/Valeant world, that supposedly risk-free gravy train where you wait for others to discover the drugs, then you… Read More
  • Valeant: Revenge of the Fools

    This post is about drug companies raising prices, but it will not be about Martin Shkreli and his company. (I’ve decided, by the way, to stop referring t… Read More
  • Shkreli’s Fallout

    A few updates on the Shkreli affair: Biogen’s CEO George Scangos has come out denouncing him and Turing, saying that the price hike is a “perversion… Read More
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